Iris Barrow

Human Resources Author

Iris Barrow, former counsellor, seminar presenter and author, believes in giving people the tools to help themselves. When she couldn’t find the right reading material to give clients, she decided to create her own. Iris has drawn on over 30 years of counselling experience to produce resources that are easy to read and offer practical solutions to life’s problems. Her library of self-help resources includes books (and ebooks), CDs (and downloads) and personality tool-kits for individuals, families and businesses. For current titles, free content and to sign up to receive Iris Barrow's newsletter, visit



Risk Taking - Is It Wise?

Practical tips on how to decide whether it is sensible or foolhardy to take a risk.



Stress Breakers That Work by Iris Barrow - Practical Tools to Help Manage Daily Stress in the Workplace and at Home

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