Job Adverts – how to write attractive ones

When you embark on a recruitment drive, even when

you're looking to fill just one job role, it can be rather difficult to

know what to include and what the best layout is.

We have

written our 'How to' to help you write attractive job adverts that will

not only attract applicants, but will help you to avoid receiving

hundreds of applications from people that are unsuitable for the job.


we have split the main part of a job ad into four parts - title,

description & benefits, company background and applying:

Job Title

  • Make the title clear, accurate and use words that potential candidates will search for, especially when using on line ads

  • Think about what people may search for - sales administrator may also be sales support, market and sales administration etc

  • Use real keywords that broaden that search and explain what the role actually is and, given space, the industry sector

Description & Benefits

  • Be

    concise, this is the main section of your job advert and is must be

    clear, full of descriptive words and needs to grab your candidate -

    they will also search and see this first (on line ads) so needs to be


  • Include main responsibilities, whether

    the job role will deal with customers only or will include dealing with

    suppliers and buyers too

  • Show your main points in bullet form if you can, then lead on to a few sentences about the job and who you want

  • Use

    buzz words to attract attention - if you're placing somebody in a busy

    department, words like 'motivated' or 'team player' might be used, or

    'management skills' if you need them to oversee other staff members

  • Outline clearly any experience that a candidate must have and any that would be 'ideal' to have if this is relevant

  • List any additional benefits like a car scheme, childcare vouchers, private health care etc

Company Background Before adding the instructions for

applying, put a sentence or two about the company and it's location and

include whether the department or office is 'fun and lively' or

'professional and busy', giving potential candidates a good idea on

what the company is like to work for as well as knowing the office is

only a 10 minute drive away! Applications Include clear instructions

on how to apply or how to receive further information.If you simply

want them to call or email for more details, then include the telephone

number that can be answered in working hours and that they can get

through to easily - some companies set up an answer service for

this.Ensure there is a contact name at this point too.

If you haven't already put your address in the ad, include it now - some candidates prefer to write instead of emailing.


everything is clear and as comprehensive as can be will help you to

write an attractive job adverts that appeal to the candidates you need

it to.


Lisette Howlett has a unique range and breadth in HR and a track record of achievement spanning 15 years with global Human Resources in blue chip companies and 5 years in local government and the public sector. This includes extensive global HR project and content leadership and internal/external HR consulting covering UK, U.S., Switzerland, Europe, and Asia. Additionally Lisette is founder of

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