Learn the 10 basic steps to change negative attitudes

Reducing the incidence of aggressive behavior against children, teachers and the general public is a major challenge for all concern.

Turning a negative environment into a positive one is a result of thousands of little positive attitudes and actions. Encouragement makes the environment more positive and enjoyable. Little things that you do each day can make a big difference.


• Boost cooperation, performance and commitment.

• Reduce stress and raise self-esteem in yourself and others.

• Enhance communication skills and team performance.

• Reduce resistant, resentment and revenge.

• Improve health and the immune system


• Learn how to manage negativity

• Learn how to cleanse bad / negative attitudes


1. Acknowledge Your Negative Attitude:

You can't ignore it and expect it to disappear by itself. Do not try to convince others that they should change and think like you think. Ask them for suggestions and help.

2. Model positive behavior:

Choose someone successful with a positive attitude and imitate them.

3. Look for and identify the positives in all situations:

We forget to find the positive in each situation and we are addicted in focusing our mind in the negative part of the events. We are quick to dismiss others' ideas. We should try to identify the effort while kindly discussing the idea.

4. Give positive recognition:

Provide positive recognition as soon as you find out about good performance. Acknowledge other's efforts and you will change their attitude and win their cooperation.

5. Refrain from gossiping:

It is easy to get caught in the general complaining especially in informal discussions. When faced with negative conversations, consider changing the subject. You could suggest the following: "Let's talk about something more positive", or ask "how the situation could be solved."

6. Refrain from blaming self or others:

Blaming keeps you in the negative attitude, closed to other points of view and creates resistance to change and advancing.

7. Breathe deeply before reacting to any disturbing situation:

Knowing what make s you react,...take 10 deep breathe before reacting. You want to train yourself to act and not to react.

8. Identify your greatest strength:

What single quality do you possess that you think makes you a good person?... Identifying this will allow you to focus on your positive behavior.

9. Focus in the outcome:

In a difficult situation, you should ask yourself: What results or outcome do I desire?... Is this something I should be spending my energy on?...

10. Take a walk or take distance for a few minutes to cool down:

Take time during the walk to build up the best strategy to improve or solve the situation.




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Abhinav Singh
15th June 2014 7:36am
I think that I am superior to my fellow friends and always try to gather their attention. Please help!!! Give some tips so that i can have a good and attractive personality.

Suresh kumar
15th September 2014 4:39am
People usually say about my attitude and i also acknowedge it. I want to reduce it. Please suggest me some ways

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