A great leader's tale

“Life is a tale. It is not how long but how good it is that

matters,” said the Greek philosopher Seneca. Yet what constitutes a

good life or, as the young manager generation has put it in front of me

lately: What is success and a good life?

If we look around in

our companies, we observe many people who confuse success and a good

life with a checklist of achievements, acquisitions and qualifications.

If that was the true measurement of success in business and a good

life, most people I know should be happy, healthy, loving, energetic,

full of joy and passionate about their contributions. Few actually are.

How many do you know who are genuinely living a happy and fulfilled

life without pretending?

Roughly 2000 years ago the Greek

philosopher Plutarch stated: “What we achieve inwardly will change our

outer reality”. Just look around and you will find examples of that

each day. No magic, no mystery. Just deciding to touch the lives of

people around you, given all the good education, means and

opportunities you have, will transform your life from the inside out.

Joy, meaning and a deep feeling of satisfaction will follow and, you

can still enjoy all the achievements, acquisitions and qualifications

you desire.

You just have to use your imagination. You already

know how useful it is for inventions, innovations and solving problems.

Yet it is also fantastic to empathise with other human beings and

understand their needs and what you can do to touch their lives in a

positive way. All you need is already inside of you. Go and use it

every day, for yourself and the benefit of others. Then, the tale of

your life will surely be a good one, no matter how long it is.

Get going!

Yours, Martina Violetta


Martina Violetta Jung

Is a German born entrepreneur as well as leadership expert, poet, story teller and coach. On her business card ist says: „Guardian of the Human Being" of "IamYoumanity" - 

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