Dr. Vincent Kituku

Leadership Author

Dr. Vincent Muli Wa Kituku, a native of Kenya and resident of Idaho established Kituku & Associates in 1995 to provide new approaches for dealing with workplace challenges. He likens the unpredictability of change/challenges to life with water buffaloes that invaded African villages without warning, devastating social structures, uprooting the harmonious livelihood of villagers and leave them feeling insecure and stressed out. During chaotic times, people think that there is no solution for their perceptively overwhelming situation. They wonder, �Why do we have to change from what we are doing?� Some think they are not responsible for making change work. Vincent says, �When a buffalo invades your village, you can not waste time blaming others, whining, or wishing it had not happened.� His high energy, content filled and entertaining keynote and training programs challenge and inspire audiences for maximum impact mind shift. They learn how to set themselves apart at work and in life, re-discover talents and resources they need for growth, thrive by repeatedly providing exceptional services, be involved with something bigger than a career and move forward without leaving life behind. Dr. Kituku is one of the less than 7% speakers to earn the coveted Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) recognition, presented by the National Speakers Association. He has been the motivational speaker for the successful Boise State University Football Team since 1998.



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