M Rafiq

Leadership Author

I have spent a decade contributing to and leading multiple entrepreneurial efforts. From direct sales to SaaS and everything in-between, my failures and successes have given me a unique perspective that I enjoy sharing with the EvanCarmichael community. Today I mostly work as a Business Development Consultant, assisting with projects on a global scale. My past projects have raised more than £300,000 in funding, and continue to service thousands of satisfied clients. Having risen up from poverty, I am proud to be financially independent, jumping out of bed every morning with the hope of helping others follow in my path. I'm a firm believer in the idea that giving back is as important as being self-sufficient. My work has been published on multiple sites and continues to inspire the next generation of self-starters. The bridge from dreamer to doer is a tough one, but my experiences have proven that tenacity can overcome virtually any obstacle. Visit my blog at: financentric.com/welcome-blog-brief-introduction/





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