Ten Steps to Web Marketing Success

We’ve recently noticed more and more articles, blogs and

promotions touting all the new ways to market your website. “Buy into our secret system

and you will be guaranteed
top Google results!”

We’re sorry to say, it just ain’t so.

However, you can get consistently good results if you follow

these ten simple guidelines. They will work for all small- to mid-sized

businesses who want an effective, marketing-oriented website.



site must be well designed and easily navigated. Splash pages, animations and other

eye-candy are counter-productive for most businesses (unless your business is

related to those effects, e.g. an entertainment company).



must have sufficient quantity of content in your site that is of good quality

and written with your prospects in mind, plus have plenty of keyword-rich




must have many high quality links, pointing back to your site,from sites that are relevant to yours. Irrelevant sites don’t

help and some can actually lower your rating.



should add to or change your content often. This keeps visitors and search engines coming back.

(How often is enough varies from site to site.)


Your internal

links must be html

as search engines cannot read JavaScript, Flash and other high-tech code. If

the search engines can't see your links, they can’t crawl it. If they can’t

crawl it, they can’t index it.



not use sneaky SEO gimmicks
or tricks to try to fool the search engines. You will eventually be

caught and penalized.



your site is set up, you must continuously work on marketing your site yourself. No other person cares as much as

you do.



must work, at least, two hours a week on your web marketing.



site must have its own personality. It is your representative to the world.



your common sense

when marketing your web site. If someone is offering you a product, service or

deal that seems too good to be true, it is!

If you follow these ten simple, but

powerful guidelines, you’ll have a successful and popular web site, far

outperforming all your competition.

Author:. Keith Thirgood is Creative Director of Capstone Communications, a marketing and design firm. He is immediate past-president of the Association of Independent Consultants . He can be reached, 9 am - 5 pm EST, at (905) 472-2330 or through his website, . Go Deeper | Website

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