Online Home Based Business, How to Succeed

I was browsing Google and some social

sites the other day looking for information on online home based business and

happened across some negative articles about online business and MLM’s. I have

been thinking about them ever since and I decided to write an article or maybe

two on this subject. I don’t want to write about the negative aspects of

in-home business, but much more on the positive, because there is so much more

positive. I want to honestly look at how to succeed in a home based online


As I stated earlier, I feel this article is more

about success in the work from home industry rather than failure. People who

succeed, succeed because of specific actions and choices. People who fail, also fail for specific

actions and choices. People who seem to continually succeed have habits that

they follow everyday, on a consistent basis. Likewise, people who seem to

always fail have habits that they follow too.

In this article let’s take a look at the

habits of successful people as well as the habits of those who seem to fail.

There is an old saying that many people like to quote. The sad thing is they

quote and do not understand its true meaning. The quote goes something like

this and I am sure that you have heard it too. ”The rich keep getting richer

and the poor keep getting poorer.” This is a very true statement and it really

is a good thing. To succeed in business or in life you need to understand why

this is a good thing. The reason that the rich keep getting richer, is because

they keep doing the things that got them rich in the first place! The same is

true of the poor! They keep doing the

things that got them poor in the first place!

The number one lesson of success is that

your must have a willingness within you to change. It really is very simple;

just change what you are doing to make money. There is an old saying; if you

keep doing what you’ve always done you will always get what you already have.

If doing what you have always done could have gotten you rich, you would

already be rich. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting

different results. So be willing to change.

The number two lesson of success is that

you must take action! Making a decision to do something is the first step

towards success. It amazes me how so many people will talk and talk about doing

something different with their lives but never take the first step. Nothing

will change in your life until you take action! Remember; if thinking the way

you do could get you riches, you would already be rich! It all starts with your


The third lesson of success is to be consistent!

Once you make the decision to change, and once you take that first step, keep

going, be consistent! Most people never take the first step because they are

afraid of failure. All success is built on failure. We learn from our mistakes

and failures. The key is successful people never give up! If you learn

anything, then learn this, never give up! Learn from your failures and keeping

moving forward.

The fourth lesson of success is to find a

mentor and a proven system. In the online home based industry you can find

both. When you truly find a mentor and a proven system, everything will be in

place for you. Common business sense says to follow a proven system that has

been proven to work. Why would you want to re-invent the wheel? The smart thing

in life is to learn from someone else’s mistakes.

Success in an online home based business

is a reality. And it is happening for many people who have made the decision to

change their lives and who get up each day and work towards that goal. Find a

system that is proven and be consistent with it each and every day. That’s what

we did and it is working for us. I know it will work for you too if you just

follow these steps and you too can have a successful online home based



Wendell and Charmayne created WCVMarketing as the parent company of their affiliate marketing business. They enjoy the aspect of working from home which allows them the freedom to enjoy their time together. Now their main focus is to help others to have the financial freedom to do the same. You may view their  website at

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