Take Advantage of This!

Take Advantage of This!

eMail is Dead – Long Live eMail.

Yes that is right, nobody uses email anymore. eMail is dead in the water.

Except for the people that use email of course. There are now about 1.5 Billion

or about 25% of the world’s population on line thus far ...

Most if not all of whom have personal and business email addresses. Do

you think that because a so called “internet expert” says email is dead, that

it really is?

Yes we can all get in-box overload. It can get really annoying,

especially when you are getting a couple of hundred emails a day, and you are

not managing to clear your in-box out.

To be honest this is probably a reflection on your own internet surfing and

email activity. If you own a website or are in the process of building a

business on-line or off-line, you should definitely be getting lots of email. Getting

emails is always a good sign! It means that someone out there knows you’re out


It is a sign that you are connecting with people. Behind most emails

there are real people, albeit some have set up auto-responders or instant

response messages. Although most have not. And the more you can connect with

these “real” people both on and off-line, the more sales and the more money you

will make. Your aim should be to connect with people on both plains of reality

On-line and Off-line.

If you are not managing your email account(s) correctly, then you will get

fed up with getting “more” email. This is dangerous, as apathy can lead to you

missing out on valuable opportunities to connect with your existing or new


Manage your email accounts with a strategy …


Set aside time once a day or every two days to manage email.


Keep your management time to say 30 minutes off & 30 minutes on



Have a policy in place to respond to all email within 24 hours.


Include your personal contact details on all correspondence.


Anyone that emails you personally, save their contact details on your

PC, Laptop, mobile phone, handheld pda etc.


Set up a filing structure on outlook or express for yourself.


Respond & dump or respond & file is the order of the day.


Clear you in-box every time.


CEO of Explode marketing - Ireland Guerilla Marketer - On & Off Line. Married, father and husband. Worked in Construction & Engineering for 15 years. Then set up The ICES Group - Education Company. Living in the countryside - Love writing and walking. Have written two books to date ... Eliminate Your Debt Forever & My Financial Journal Third book in progress, almost ready to launch. "Guerrilla Marketing in a Banana Republic"

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