Future Marketing kicks out the ancient marketing

It's been two years now, mobile marketing is introduced to the world of marketing. And it's working like a "Money Maker" process for the businesses. Business owners putting their hands on for getting customers by mobile marketing.

Era of door to door marketing is over. Online marketing is getting older too. The new bullet in the gun is mobile marketing. You just have to aim it right on target and you are in the game.

Things are changing, way of attracting customers are changing too. You just have to think a little bit different than others. Everyone is using mobile phones so why not reach to their inbox and surprise them with the offer!!!

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Author:. Bob Bentz is president of Advanced Telecom Services which has been supplying interactive telephone services to small businesses since 1989. Bentz is a frequent speaker at trade shows and is an expert in mobile marketing.  He is also the president of Olympic Internet and writes a Go Deeper | Website