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Starbucks Recipes

Everyone from Madonna to Liam Neeson to Tiger Woods has become a Starbucks aficionado of late. But, soon they might be the only ones. While Starbucks’ price hikes may barely register a blip on their financial accounts, for the rest of us, paying an entire meal’s worth for a cup of coffee just doesn’t quite seem right. And so, the quest to find those secret Starbucks recipes is on.

From their Frappuccino to their Caramel Scones, Starbucks addicts the world over are trying to discover just what is in those secret Starbucks recipes. Two tablespoons of chocolate syrup, three cups of water, half a teaspoon of cinnamon – everyone now seems to be striving to create their own Starbucks recipes, experimenting with whatever ingredients they can find in their kitchen.

Has anyone been successful? Has anyone been able to unlock the mystery lying behind the Starbucks recipes? It depends on whom you ask, but for the most part, the answers are “kinda”, “sorta” and “it tastes almost like the real thing, but it has this weird aftertaste thing.” Weird aftertaste thing? Perhaps people shouldn’t be experimenting with everything in their kitchen.

Ok, so no one has done it quite yet. The hush-hush Starbucks recipes remain just that; they are in the hands of the head honchos at Starbucks alone and that is exactly how company executives would have it. Starbucks recipes, they say, are the result of a long and arduous process involving many hours spent brainstorming, carrying out research and experimenting with numerous, carefully selected ingredients. It is not the result of an afternoon spent bored home alone.

Starbucks recipes are the brainchild of a company team, who work together to determine a specific new concept. Teams are usually a varied group, coming from such diverse backgrounds as business and marketing to the food and culinary sciences. Flipping through magazines, surfing the Internet and visiting new, trendy restaurants, the Starbucks team then starts to determine what is the latest fad in the beverage and food industry. They use existing Starbucks recipes as a guide but then begin experimenting with variations and ingredient substitutions.

It is this trial and error process that gives Starbucks recipes their uniqueness. Try as you might to replicate them, perhaps it is time to accept that Starbucks recipes are just that – Starbucks recipes. There is no saying that you can’t create your own chai latte concoction or hazelnut banana bread, but in trying to make it just like the Starbucks recipes, you are losing out on your own special touch.

Anyhow, the real key to Starbucks recipes it seems is simply in their titles. For instance, Starbucks Summer Fruit Cobbler Bars conjures up images of a hammock by the sea swinging under the warm sunshine. Who wouldn’t be enticed by that? But who’s to say that your fruit cobbler isn’t really as good as theirs? Try giving your recipes a fancy name and see how everyone will be equally impressed. Who knows? Soon, people might be chomping at the bit to create copycat recipes of your Summer’s Abundant Delight Cheesecake or Winter Wonderland Meringue Pie. Starbucks recipes have got nothing on you!

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