David A. Mayen

Productivity Author

David A. Mayen, holds a Masters Certification in Applied Neuroscience from Cambridge College in Boston, MA. He is also the Executive Director for the Sleep Recovery Centers in Southern California. David has lectured on a broad range of topics including The Bio-Electric Neurophysiology of Sleep; Anxiety and Sleep; and Traumas'Effect on Restorative Rest Cycles. He is the also the author of two up-coming books, The Sleep Recovery Project: "How Advanced NeuroScience is Creating Restful Sleep Without Sleeping Pills" and "Creating The Ultimate Relationship: How to Achieve the Partnership of Your Dreams Through NeuroScience" published by Obelisk Press, Inc. He can be reached at: www.SleepRecoveryCenters.com or by calling: 1-888-866-REST (7378)

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