Lonny Dunn

Productivity Author

Lonny's Twitter of ProNetworkBuild speaks for itself.  He has over 100K Followers across 12 accounts on Twitter. Lonny wrote for Thesaurus News Newsletter as Editor from 1995 until 2001 covering Telephony Infastructure Stocks.  Lonny develops Social Media strategies for Corporate and Celebrity Accounts.   Mobile Strategies are Hot! and Lonny knows how to take a company into the Mobile Revolution Immediately, and with quick results.   Writing and authoring many articles on the symbiotic efficiencies of the Big 3 extensively, Lonny has a wealth of experience.   Whether you need someone to coach you or your employees on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, or help you get your small business phone riinging, Lonny is here to help.  Lonny's Blog:  http://pronetworkbuild.blogspot.com  Lonny's Personal Homepage:  http://pronetworkbuild.com

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