Don't Be a Media Bimbo - Three Rules To Media Communications

For those that get their 15 minutes of fame, many

waste it with empty words and stupid antics. Consider for a minute,

just how much of your time is wasted when you watch television, listen

to the radio, or read the newspaper. How long do you listen to a story

if it doesn't fit your interests? If the interview is dull, don't you

flip the channel? With all the competition for your attention, it's

easy to get on to something else.

Unless you want to be the next

media bimbo, here are three rules you shouldn't break. Follow them, and

you might actually touch the hearts and souls of viewers or at least

provide them with an intellectual thought.

  1. Give a Dog a Bone


    your point and do so quickly. The fastest way to lose your attention of

    your audience is to ramble.This is especially true on radio. Most

    interviews are brief and if you don't make your point quickly, you

    might not get the chance to make it at all. Every second you speak, you

    should be giving value to the audience. Tell them what they want to

    know. Trim the fat and give them the bone.

  2. Speak to the Audience


    the communication. What I mean by this is, try to avoid industry jargon

    or using to many long elaborate sentences. You want to focus on clear

    concise idea's not obscure ones. Instead of being the college

    professor, explaining in intimate detail the physics and psychology

    behind an invention, you should just tell people how it's going to

    benefit them. Television viewers and radio listeners, expect you trim

    the branches of obscurity and get to the root of the idea.

  3. Try Not To Preach It


    people to be hellbent against you? Preach to them. If you're like most

    people, you automatically rebel when someone tells you what to do. When

    you're attached to an idea, pushing it on someone will cause them to

    resist. Don't blame them, it's a natural reaction. Instead of focusing

    on the outcome, allow your customers to come to their own

    conclusions-using the information you give them.


Wes Upchurch is the founder of an online public relations company specializing in social media marketing and press release distribution.

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