The Benefits of Diabetic Socks

Anyone with diabetes knows that it can lead to a gamut of other medical

issues. Foot ailments are among the most common associated with

diabetes. Because diabetes raises blood sugar levels, the risk of foot

ulcers increases drastically as does poor circulation, loss of

sensation and delayed wound healing. Providing your feet with the

proper support and comfort can, and in most cases does, make all the

difference for those suffering from diabetic foot problems. Wearing

diabetic socks is the easiest and most convenient way to keep your feet

healthy and safe.

Diabetic socks

are specifically designed to control moisture and as such reduce the

risk or infection and bacterial growth. Many socks are also made with

anti-microbial materials for added protection. Diabetic socks, like

the Physician's Choice brand, are also made with out seams so they

prevent pressure and blistering caused from wrinkles. Proper

prevention is key in maintaining healthy feet because diabetes can

caused delayed healing and increased foot pain.

The elastic nature of a diabetic sock provides added support for the

arch and foot while simultaneously adding compression to prevent

swelling. Such support is crucial to maintain good posture and joint

health. A good sock will fit snug without being restrictive or too

tight. Socks that are too tight can restrict blood flow to the foot

and cause further problems. For those with edema, an extra wide sock

would better fit your needs.

Made of cotton blends, diabetic socks are softer and more skin friendly

than regular socks and are hypoallergenic and breathable. They also

tend to be thicker to provide added cushioning, and the toe space tends

to be wider. Such factors are important as even the slightest

aggravation or discomfort can turn into a serious issue for those

suffering from diabetes. Millions of Americans suffer from diabetes

every year, but combined with good exercise and foot care, Diabetic

socks can make living with this disease easier and more comfortable for


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