The word free in the world of the internet is a word on Google that is perhaps, the most searched word today. It is a well known fact that you can become very good at internet marketing and search engine optimization by taking full advantage of all the free tools that Google has available. In marketing, you may consider free ebooks, free internet tools, free forums, free ad submission and all the rest of free information to be absolutely no charge. In looking closer; however, you might just discover that there really is nothing that is absolutely free.

Let's look into the so called free forums. Now, you may understand that a forum is a place where information is placed either in a community type aspect, or as a business tool. What is the first thing that you must do in order to become a member of a free forum? You must give your name and email address. Now most forums will market goods and services to you for the privilege you have of posting to their forums. In other words, your free membership is not free. You have sold your contact information to some owner of the forum for them to peddle their opportunities. There is nothing wrong with this action, its just the way that we take the term free for granted on the internet.

In looking at free website building systems, the same rule of thumb applies as with the free forums. You must submit your personal information being name, email address and other information for the privilege of having the free website building tool. Free website builders are actually great tools and I have used them in my online business for years. When you are getting right down to the core meaning of free, they are indeed not. The particular areas of making money on the internet being free for the taking could be thought of as costing no money, but in fact it is not free. Having access to free systems just for the placing of a name and email address is setting up the process at some point for auto responder messages to accomplish the task of submitting information with the hopes of making money at some point in the future.

Are There Tools that Really are Free on the Internet?

In answering that question let's again turn to Google, the most powerful search engine on the planet today for the answer. Google has brought to use wonderful free tools like Google Webmaster Tools, Blogs, Google Groups, Google Free Webpage builders and many more ways that people can use Google services for absolutely free. These tools can be used to promote absolutely any business without spending one dime. Are they effective? Of course. Google likes for you to use their free tools and systems. When you learn this valuable lesson in seo, you will begin to utilize Google tools at every possible venue for your promoting. You will also become successful using these tools as well. I find that the free systems available on Google are absolutely free. This one thing is very appealing to me in the seo field. It is also totally amazing that people are not willing to actually work with the free seo tools that have at their beckon call. It almost seems that people are slightly on the lazy side when marketing on the net. They seem to join program after program in search of the magic button to success, when there is no button to be found. The systematic use of the free tools on Google is one of the best ways to approach recognition for the search engine spiders.

Delving deeply into the world of free on Google is interesting. The concepts and systems that we as internet marketers is really astounding. This makes the appeal of free, the concept of free and even the visualization marketing aspects more appealing than ever for people wanting to start a successful home based business. Stay tuned for more conversations about free in later issues!

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