Selling to current clients

is one of the easiest jobs in existence. It is tons easier to sell a product in

this manner because you already have a relationship with this person. They know

that you can deliver, they have already bought what you have offered, and you

do not have to prove that you can be trusted.

Creating an email list of

your current, former, and new clients is one of the best business moves you

could ever make. You can entice these customers to become a part of your list

by sending them a free report on a topic of interest, sending out a weekly

newsletter, or even delivering a 5 day course that can help them to obtain

better results while working online.


you are letting the world know about your affiliate promotions, and 3 percent

of your viewers are buying the product you are pushing, you are allowing the

other 97 percent of your traffic to fall through the cracks. These are real

people that may buy from you in the future if they are given the chance. There

is no reason this can’t be remedied.

These issues arise when affiliate marketers drive

all of their traffic straight to the sales page of the offer. However, if you

create a simple website asking for the name and email address of your customers,

you can market to these people in the future with ease. It is literally as

simple as pushing the send button on your email client. I am sure that you are

starting to see the value of developing a customer list that you market to over

the months of the year.

Additionally, remember that

there is no limit to the number of times that you can send emails to your

customers. Keep in mind that you do not want to abuse the privilege you have in

the process. This is really a matter of opinion, but sending out one email per

day should be fine. The true test lies in how frequently your subscribers exit

your list. If you find that a multitude of your subscribers are leaving your

list, mail them on a less frequent basis.

Finally, making an email

list via a squeeze page will make you more money over the course of your online

career. You don’t have to lose your visitors to other websites, never have the

chance to sell your products to them again, or fail to keep them on your list

any longer. Decide to create your own squeeze page and watch the profits roll

in faster than a snowball in upstate New York.


My name is Erica, I am a RN that is trying to start a home business so that I can stay home with my 10yr old daughter the love of my life. I have been Cardiac Nurse for 8 yrs and I feel like I need to do something else despite my love for nursing and people.

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