What Actions Arenít You Taking to Increase Sales?

Sales training isnít getting you the results you want? Is it the training thatís letting you down or the actions you arenít taking? Sales success is all about the actions you take. Taking more right actions than wrong actions means you get to success that much faster. Continuously taking the wrong actions even though you think theyíre right just makes you stuck. Do you have the right message? You canít sell anything until or unless you talk to someone, right? If you have trouble getting people to talk to you realize itís because you donít have an attention grabbing message. An attention grabbing message isnít theoretical or gimmicky itís a message that gets peopleís attention because they recognize the message is about something they really want, or it peaks their interest to see if this is something they could want. Attention getting messages are very clear about who the message is for and the big benefit for the intended receiver. When youíre presenting the attention getting message the ďwhatĒ behind the benefit isnít important, itís the benefit your potential customers are wanting. You have to get the attention of the right people. Then you have to make a connection with the right people. One of the easiest ways to make a connection is through a story. Since childhood weíve been conditioned to pay attention to stories. They not only entertain us, but they educate us and they do so in a way that isnít self-serving or boring. Do you have a great story about how an existing customer came to enjoy the benefit of what you have to offer? When youíve got their attention and they ask you to tell them more about that itís a great lead into a story. The best sales people realize the world is their lab. Every sales encounter is an opportunity to practice your skill and find ways to improve your skills. That means you want to be changing and adapting what isnít working rather than continuing to do things that arenít working and expecting that somehow this time they will work. Even though something works for someone else it may not work for you. So what, you have to keep testing until you discover what does work for you. What works for you will always be found in your natural strengths. Get real if you want to succeed. No one likes, trusts, or wantís to buy from someone they think isnít being themselves. When you sense a sales person is uncomfortable your radar automatically goes up and you start wondering whatís up. Because you arenít comfortable your prospects arenít comfortable. If they arenít comfortable with you, you canít develop a relationship with them. Without relationships you have one time short lived sales. Get real. Get comfortable and get more sales.


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