James P. Burgess

Sales Author

Principle Bio: James Burgess has always been active in the development of people. Married with 2 children, he believes in the power of strong relationships, communication and a passionate commitment to a bigger vision. With over 22 years of business and sales experience and a formal education that includes counseling, James carries a no-nonsense approach to equipping people for the marketplace. James presents a powerful service to affect positive life change for professional results. Authoring sales ethics and professional mentoring programs for both new and experienced entrepreneurs and their staff, James has been able to achieve strong positive results where traditional means and motivations have not. James brings great passionate creativity and strategic forward thinking to his clients and community. With this in mind, we know you won’t be disappointed. Personal values: “A celebration of life, with a positive attitude of love, expressing itself in liberty, with a constant pursuit of progress” www.canadabusinesscoach.com

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