Harry Hayden

Sales Author

Business Coach | Business Growth Strategy for SME Leadership
When you work in the business it's hard to also "work on" the business. The former demands an operational focus, the latter a strategic one. Business pressures mean operational reasoning often dominates strategic thinking to impede business growth strategy. As your business coach, I can help you strike a viable balance to achieve consistent growth.

Sales Management Coach | Sales Management Strategy
How often does your sales team fire on all cylinders at the same time? The reality for most sales management is that one salespersons good performance is often offset by another's poor performance. As your sales management coach, I will help you develop a sales management strategy to drive overall sales team performance.

Sales Coach | Sales Strategy for Growth
It's a sobering fact that less than one in three salespeople regularly makes target. You can either accept the average or buck the trend. I coach powerful value based sales approaches that help create trusted advisor client relationships. As your sales coach I help you develop a sales growth strategy to enable your salespeople to be the very best they can be.

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