Ian Keightley

Sales Author

Salescoach and Ian Keightley provide New Zealand’s premier real estate education systems. Ian works with many of New Zealand’s top real estate offices and sales people, providing strategic tools to give them an edge in a very competitive environment. From creating effective sales tools, crafting winning dialogues, coaching effective and productive behaviours , to creating sales programmes that achieve immediate results. Salescoach is active in product development and seminars in New Zealand and Australia and is constantly in demand as a trainer, motivator, coach, auctioneer and speaker. A humorous and direct speaker, Ian cuts through the clutter to provide practical easy to use solutions – ideas which can be implemented immediately. For sales people selling any product, Ian can provide tactics, strategies and dialogues that will bring more sales, a reality to handling rejection and self-management tips to keep stress to a minimum and focus to a maximum. Every week Ian adds to his library with a Weekly Sales tip. View at http://www.salescoach.co.nz or subscribe whilst visiting that site. See also his realty network - http://estateboutiques.com

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