Book Teaches Successfull Selling

What are the ingredients needed to get results in selling?

1) Leads- Getting good quality leads is an integral part of the selling process; with out leads you will not survive in sales. There are many ways of getting leads, once you have your list of at least 100 leads per week you need to qualify the customer fast. (More at

2) Beliefs-You as a sales person must believe in your product or service, otherwise how can you sell what you don’t believe in? If you don’t believe in what you sell then you got to be good at acting, to make yourself sound more beleiveable.The customer must also believe in your product/service otherwise you will not sell.

3) Value-The customer must believe there is value in the product/service you are selling otherwise you will not sell. There are ways of building belief and value in your products.

These are some of the basic ingredients for the sales process, however there is even more to be learnt in selling.

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