(Another) Six Competencies to Covet

Hope the first six-pack was useful. Here are six more traits to acquire in your Competency Coveting journey:

> LIFELONG LEARNER-If you're not learning you're dead (or soon will be). Look for evidence that prospects have been active learners. What areas are they interested in? Who have they learned from? How can their learnings be put to use in your organization?

> INFECTION AGENT-the ability to "infect others" with the virus of your Strategic Game Plan is critical in terms of executing it. Some people have the interest, passion and tenacity to get others excited about advancing the cause. Find them!

> FRIEND-MAKING-deep customer relationships result in a revenue stream that goes on forever. Such connections depend on trust... and friendship.

> STORYTELLING-stories "breathe life" into a strategy. They paint pictures of what it looks like when a Strategic Game Plan is being successfully executed in the field. You need people who can "light their eyes up" with a story about some aspect of your strategy. Talk the event. Talk the person. Talk.....

> SIMPLE THINKER-BE DiFFERENT is simplicity. Execution is simplicity. Elegance that can't be implemented is worthless. Think Simple. Find Simple. Dumb EVERYTHING down.

> @CONNECT-think about this one from an internal perspective. Results (i.e. delivering what the customer wants) are produced through processes working ACROSS the organization and vertically. A customer Order is created in Sales; fulfilled in Operations and billed in Accounting. A team of people engage together to get the job done. This requires the ability to CONNECT with others and build effective relationships with them. Service breakdowns often occur when a link in the teamwork chain breaks. Constant CONNECTIONS go a long way to avoiding such problems.

Hope you are enjoying my Ride to Covet. Let me know your views and any comments you may have.

More comin' at ya....

Cheers, Roy


Roy Osing is CEO of Brilliance for Business, Speaker, Business Coach and Author of "One of the Top Business Books in the US" - Soundview Executive Book Summaries. BE DiFFERENT or be dead: Your Business Survival Guide offers proven ways to thrive and survive in the critical areas of Strategy Creation, Marketing, Sales and Customer Service.

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