Strategic is "Pounding on the Basics"

Here are some BE DiFFERENT Strategic Acts to think about in addition to the Helium-filled Plans that are often Brave Notions that don't find their way to the trenches where winning really occurs. In no particular order...

> recruit people who genuinely love human beings. YES, it is Strategic!

> take notes. It's an expression of the fact that someone cares enough about what you are sating to record it for further deliberation and ACTION.

> do stuff. ACTION gets results, thinking doesn't.

> apologize when things are screwed up. Recovery depends on assuming responsibility for what has happened. "I am truly sorry" starts off the loyalty building process the right way.

> cut the CRAP in the organization that is no longer relevant AND that clogs the wheels of progress (Tom Peters' call it the GRUNGE - awesome word!).

> over-react when a customer is screwed over. Again, successful Recovery demands SPEED to get things right.

> problem solve. Things NEVER go right the first time. SH*T Happen. Solutions are needed.

> form cross-functional teams. Results are produced ACROSS the organization demanding people working together harmoniously.

> tell stories. It's a vital element of strategy. The best way of explaining to someone what the strategy means is to tell a story about it in action.

> use Internal Report Cards to measure service quality on the inside of the organization. If internal customers aren't dazzled it is highly unlikely (no, IMPOSSIBLE) that external ones are

> recognize Service Heroes constantly.

> encourage employees to successfully fail. A Successful Failure results in learning which advances the organization. An unacceptable failure has no learning element and simply destroys value.

> practice Leadership by Serving Around is rampant across the organization.

> gather Customer Secrets. They are the fuel that powers your marketing and service machine.

> change your business vocabulary to be more customer-centric. Wash your mouth out with Customers!

> get feedback on your performance from your boss, peers and "subordinates" by using 360 degree feedback.

Are you practising these? If not, start the journey...

Cheers, Roy


Roy Osing is CEO of Brilliance for Business, Speaker, Business Coach and Author of "One of the Top Business Books in the US" - Soundview Executive Book Summaries. BE DiFFERENT or be dead: Your Business Survival Guide offers proven ways to thrive and survive in the critical areas of Strategy Creation, Marketing, Sales and Customer Service.

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