Strategy vs. Tactics: Which Drives Your Organization?

Here are characteristics of both types of organizations. If the 'Tactics Drive' scenario souns familiar, take a step back, get your Strategy defined and THEN decide on the critical few projects necessary to achieve it.

Tactics Drive:

- numerous projects going on; people complain that there is too much to do.

- aspirations drive the activity, like "we intend to be best in customer service".

- many project teams throughout the organization. Almost everyone is on one.

- projects are measured individually in terms of deliverables.

- activities lack a strong common thread among them.

- divergent actions persist. Projects are in conflict and are often heading in opposite directions.

- projects are often lead by individual Departments and carry with them intrinsic bias as a result.

- people are frustrated with too much activity and lack of synergy.

- people complain that there is no approves course that all of the activities follow.

- leadership is criticized for not providing the overall direction to justify all of the projects going on.

- consultants are brought in to assist and they are forced to subordinate organizational issues to those of the individual projects.

Strategy Drives:

- a handful of projects key to influencing 80% of the results are active.

- a Strategic Game Plan (SGP) drives all the activity. Everyone has direct line of sight to it for guidance.

- a few focused project teams exist.

- projects are measures in terms of SGP expectations.

- the common thread among all activities is contribution to the SGP.

- synergy acts among all activities; they are monitored to ensure they are acting in unison.

- projects are primed at the organization level. Project leaders are appointed corporately based on skills and competencies to deliver expected results.

- people are energized as efforts are focused and are balanced to achieve the most meaningful results.

- people recognize that the SGP is the driving force behind all that goes on.

- leaders are acknowledged as effectively moving the organization forward.

- consultant activity is limited to areas where new expertise is required. They are all managed relative to SGP results.

Avoid the tactics until you are satisfied you have a clear enough SGP to be a beacon of all activity in your organization...

Cheers, Roy

Author:. Roy Osing is CEO of Brilliance for Business, Speaker, Business Coach and Author of "One of the Top Business Books in the US" - Soundview Executive Book Summaries. BE DiFFERENT or be dead: Your Business Survival Guide offers proven ways to thrive and survive in the critical areas of Strategy Creation, Marketing, Sales and Customer Service. Go Deeper | Website

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