Joe Ferriolo

Small Business Loans Author

Joseph Ferriolo has been in the financing industry for 15+ years.  To say the least, he has seen a lot of changes over this time.  Each passing year has enabled him to see new ways and avenues of making loans work.  He started in large traditional banking institutions doing credit analyses and underwriting.  He eventually, took his experience in finance and put his passion into creating his own business ventures.  He found that a lack of cash flow can stop a successful business in its tracks.  This is why he developed a company that helps business owners obtain financing for their small business.  He commonly says "getting a loan has become an art form.  Simple mistakes can stop your business from getting the capital you need to get through the slow seasons."  Learn and benefit from his ventures, mistakes and life experiences in business financing.


Joseph Ferriolo

CEO of Wise Man Finance

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