Buying Business Management Software

The Business Owner's Guide to Buying Business Management Software

Business Management Software systems can help you bring all of your important business information into one application. They can help you better manage your data, save time moving information from one program to another, increase your productivity, and give you a better understanding of how your company is performing.

Implementing a Business Management Software system, however, can be a significant endeavour. It will take your time, energy, and money to get a system put into place. This guide will help you decide if a Business Management Software system is right for your business, give you practical tips to implementing a rollout, and give you our recommendation for which Business Management Software company is most small-business friendly.

The Business Owner's Guide to Buying Business Management Software

Step 1: What is Business Management Software?

Business management software, also known as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, is a single software package, or suite of software modules, that supports every key area of your business. As the marketplace evolves, software vendors are responding to the need of small businesses to have the same competitive advantages as their larger bretheren. Click here.

Step 2: Do You Need Business Management Software?

Business Management Software systems are most beneficial to companies that manage large amounts of business information and need a way to tie it all together in an efficient and effective way. Business owners should consider looking at purchasing a Business Management Software system when they have: Click here.

Step 3: How Much Does it Cost?

Business Management Software systems are usually sold through software resellers as they have the expertise to be able to help you from designing a blueprint that fits your business to implementing the plan and supporting it after installation. When determining the cost of implementation, consider the following factors: Click here.

Step 4: What is the Return on Investment?

There is no standard way of measuring what the return on investment of a Business Management Software implementation will be. It will vary for each business and will depend on the value of the time savings and efficiency improvements that the organization gains. Here are some factors to look at when you are trying to understand the return on investment for your company. Click here.

Step 5: How Long Does it Take to Implement?

Implementing a new Business Management Software system can be a time consuming process. The timeline will depend on how robust a system you are purchasing. There are typically five phases to rolling out a Business Management Software implementation project: Project preparation, business blueprint, project realization, final preparation, and go-live and support. We will examine each one in more detail and give an estimation of what percentage of the overall timeline each phase should take. The figures are estimates taken from rolling out a 10-12 week project. Click here.

Step 6: Business Management Software System Rollouts - Mistakes to Avoid?

Software rollouts can be error-filled and cause unexpected cost overruns and headaches for business owners. The larger the project, the more opportunities there are to make mistakes and be surprised. Here are a few things to look out for as you implement your Business Management Software system. Click here.

Step 7: Ensure Your Staff Adopts the New System

As previously mentioned you can have the greatest new Business Management Software system in the world with all the bells and whistles but your organization will not benefit from the investment made if your staff does not adopt and use the new tools. Some of the typical challenges are not having employee buy-in, not providing enough training, and not including the right features in the software. Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind to ensure that your staff accepts and adopts your new Business Management Software system: Click here.

Step 8: How to Choose the Best Business Management Software System

Installing a Business Management Software system can be a major step for a company. It can help alleviate many of the growth problems that businesses face and greatly improve your productivity. It can also be a time consuming and expensive process so you need to make the right choice of systems. Here are a few factors to consider when purchasing a Business Management Software system: Click here.