Top 50 Business Plan Posts of 2008

The Top 50 Business Plan Posts of the Year

Looking to write a business plan for your startup idea? Trying to revamp your current business plan to help bring you more money? Look no further than our list of the Top 50 Business Plan Posts of the Year.

We've searched through millions of blogs to find the best individual posts that deal with writing a business plan over the past year. Some are by well known bloggers while others are new upstarts but, either way, you are sure to get valuable information on how to kick your business plan into high gear this year! Enjoy!



The Top 50 Business Plan Posts of the Year

1) The Zen of Business Plans
How to Change the World by Guy Kawasaki
In my day job, I not only hear a lot of PowerPoint pitches, but I also read a lot of business plans. The PowerPoint pitches explain my Meniere's disease, but the business plans explain my recent need for reading glasses. One of my goals for blogging is to reduce the external factors that are causing the degradation of my body, so this entry's topic is the zen of business plans.

Guy Kawasaki Guy Kawasaki is a managing director of Garage Technology Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm and a columnist for Previously, he was an Apple Fellow at Apple Computer where he was one of the individuals responsible for the success of the Macintosh computer. Guy is the author of 8 books including The Art of the Start and The Macintosh Way.

2) Quick Start Business Planning
Quick-Start Business Planning for Small Businesses by Susan Ward
Business planning is like water to a thirsty plant. It keeps our businesses vital and thriving. Without business planning, your business will never be as healthy as it could be and may even sicken and die. But many small business owners don't do the business planning they should, because they're hard-pressed to find the time to do it. How many times have you thought that you should do some business planning - if only you weren't so busy taking care of business!
3) Marketing Plans Before Business Plans
Marketing Profs Daily Fix by Mike Schultz
Often times, businesses don't need a plan. That's why they don't have one. Why? Strategy at professional services firms is different than strategy at other types of companies. At many firms, strategy boils down to a set of industries to target, services to offer, and geographies to serve.
4) 5 Tips to Create a Blog Plan for Long-Term Success
Blogging Tips by Susan Gunelius
In marketing, we create plans for just about everything you can think of - marketing plans, advertising plans, sales plans, new product development plans, you name it, we've got a plan for it. As bloggers, we can leverage that planning craze by developing plans for our blogs.
5) The Magic Ten For a Business Plan
Being your own boss is the goal that everyone in every walk of life wants to achieve. Most of us would believe that setting up a business is the gateway to attaining that goal. But it does not just take self-belief to make a business materialize. You need to be affirmed of it! That affirmation can only be concrete if you pen your thoughts of your ideal business down. In other words, you would need a business plan.
6) The Business Plan of Life
Dream Think Act by Edith Yeung
I went to my friend's Patrick's meetup group event tonight and their guest speaker was Jim Horan, the guy who wrote this book called "The One Page Business Plan". The concept was simple. Just one page. While you are developing this one page plan, you will start asking yourself some really simple but important questions about your business.
7) Stupid Question: When *WILL* Having A Business Plan Matter?
Deep Jive Interests by Tony Hung
I only ask because, as you may or may not have heard, the ambient broadcasting / continuous partial attention phenomenon that is Twitter has stepped up to the big leagues and has acquired VC funding - so that it may continue to expand its Twittering services and provide this valuable service to more and more people at a great price.
8) How I Stopped Listening To Experts And Started Making Money
Self Made Chick by Christine OKelly
If I could trade all of the time I have spent writing business plans in my life for something that actually generated income, I’d probably be a lot further ahead. I have been working on starting businesses part time for most of my life and most of those ideas never got out of the idea stage because I spent too much time planning and not enough time pulling the freakin’ trigger!
9) How to Write a Business Plan
Bizcovering by Devora Sage
"To secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands..." Sun Tzu, The Art of War. Before you can hope for success in business, you need to know exactly what else you want: Where do you want to go? When do you want to get there? How do you want to travel? And what's your starting point? A solid business plan is your first step on the road to success.
10) Plan As You Go Business Planning
Small Business Trends Radio by Staci Wood
The fundamentals of business are still the same. Except that now business is valued on Internet traffic as opposed to actual dollars. But planning, implementing, reviewing, revising, strategizing - it's all still the same.
11) Plan-As-You-Go Business Planning
  Planning Startups Stories by Tim Berry
12) A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish
  Casual Keystrokes by Char
13) Writing a Business Plan?
  StartupNorth by Jevon MacDonald
14) Writing a Business Plan - What Makes a Good One by PBOO
15) Why do you need a business plan?
  Search For Blogging by Mert Erkal
16) Fundamentals of Preparting an Effective Business Plan by William King
17) How to Write a Business Plan - Part 1 of 8
  Small Business Tips by Michelle Cramer
18) To Plan, or Not to Plan
  Seeds of Growth
19) Starting your Business with a Good Business Plan
  Physician Entrepreneur by Jose DeJesus
20) Things to Consider when Writing a Business Plan by Klaus Wiedemann
21) Must Haves for Your Business Plan by Buzz
22) Avoiding strategic errors in your small business plan
  Small Business Info
23) How To NOT Write A Business Plan
  Who Has Time For This? by David Cowan
24) Better Business Basics -- The Plan
  Not John Chow dot Com by Not John Chow
25) 10 Critial Steps to Writing a Business Plan
  4 Entrepreneur by Jay Maharjan
26) Solid Business Plan
  Business Directory and Resources
27) Steps to Becoming My Own Boss
  Dimples' Divine Domain: My Journy to Financial Empowerment by Dimples
28) How to Write a Business Plan for your Home Business
  Women Owned Business by Tammy Ames
29) How to Write a Killer Business Plan
  The Business Coaching Blog
30) Business Plans Pro's
  Enterprise Nation
31) The Board Meeting & The Business Plan
  16th Letter by Melissa Chang
32) Business Plans 101
  Riri N' Rere
33) My Business Plan and Mission Statement
  Teens Today by Vanessa Van Patten
34) The Plan. Yes, THE plan.
  The Cycling Artist by Tina Mammoser
35) Writing a Business Plan - What Does that Really Mean?
  CFO Yourself by Cworall    
36) How To Write A Business Plan
  by Kathryn Holguin
37) Ten Things to Consider When Writing a Business Plan
  Jay Maharjan & Associates by Jay
38) Should You Have A Business Plan?
  The Black Business Coach by Dante Lee
39) A Guide to Writing Your Infopreneur Business Plan
  Kzyo Cash Casts by Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian
40) Top 10 Business Plan Myths of Solo Entrepreneurs - A Review
  hafihz by Terri Zwierzynski
41) How To Make Your Business Plan More Sound
  Indocquent's WordPress Blog by Bruce Tucker
42) How to Write a Marketing Plan
  Carson and Company by George Carson
43) How To Write A Business Plan
  How to Start Your Own Business Today by Dixita
44) The 7 Most Common Business Plan Mistakes
  Money Towers by MT
45) Writing a Business Plan (35 years ago)
  Learfield by Clyde
46) Writing A Business Plan
  Small Business Startup Guide
47) Write a Successful Business Plan On Your Own
  Money Crashers by Erik Folgate
48) How To Write a Business Plan
  Merchant Circle
49) How To Write A Business Financial Plan and Stick to it by DF
50) Business Plans 101
  The Ethical Black Business Coach by Cathy Harris


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