The Top 50 Blogs Posts on Franchising In 2008

Top 50 Franchising Blog Posts
The Top 50 Blogs Posts on Franchising In 2008

Many entrepreneurs are turning to opening a franchise as a way to build their own companies while taking on a proven business model. Franchisors offer their time tested methods and business practices as a way to grow their companies, while the franchisees pay an upfront fee and a percentage of gross monthly sales for the help and information. The word franchise actually comes from the French term “franchir” which means to clear an obstacle or difficulty – with the difficulty that most entrepreneurs go through when starting up a company from scratch, it’s no wonder that the franchising trend has taken off! We’ve put together the Top 50 Franchising Blog Posts from the past year to help you navigate the waters and give you the best information to consider when starting a franchise.

Getting Started With Your Franchise

1) The Top Franchise Trends For 2008
Blog: Small Business Trends

Small Business Trends updates you on trends affecting the small business market.

Joel Libava “When Anita Campbell approached me about being the “Franchise Expert in Residence” on her award winning site, I was certainly humbled. I had been blogging/writing for 2.5 years, and was not sure I was quite ready to write a monthly column on Small Business Trends. Was I ready to be alongside small business experts like Steven Little, Tim Berry, Jack Yoest, Ivana Taylor, and others? With a lot of encouragement from Anita, I started my monthly writing, and she prepped me for a “Big” Franchise Trends for 2008 article she wanted me to do. Evan, when your team voted THAT article as Number #1, I was so happy! {Anita was too, obviously} Thank you so much for the recognition, Evan! Keep up the great work you do for current and future entrepreneurs, everywhere…”

2) The 10 Commandments Of A Genius Franchisor
Blog: Cath Lawson Bold Advice for Business Success

If you’re thinking of starting a small business, or you’ve started a business already, and you’re looking for business advice, I hope this blog will be a useful resource. My main purpose for blogging is to share my business successes and mistakes, to help others who may find themselves in similar situations.

3) Searching for the Most Eligible Franchise Partner
Blog: Succeed With This

As the name implies, this site will be talking about success. I have always been interested by business.

4) Why You May Need Help With Development Plans
Blog: First Prize Franchise

First Prize Franchise is the world's leading franchise opportunity and small business resource. It is the proven winner with entrepreneurs requesting a direct source of franchise opportunities, businesses for sale and business opportunity information.

5) Entrepreneur Magazine Top Ten Franchises
Blog: Ohio Franchise Center

Joel Libava is considered one of Ohio's top franchise experts, and according to Crain's Cleveland Businesss, is the local Franchise Guru!

6) What type of franchise suits YOU? Taking it step by step
Blog: The Home Based Business Network

The Home Based Business Network is a community of like-minded people from around the world who enjoy the freedom of working from home and for themselves.

7) Creating Wealth By Purchasing A Franchise Business
Blog: Rondal Lee

Ronald Lee is a street smart professional Network Marketing entrepreneur. A very successful one too. For 25 years Ron has walked the streets, read the books and walked his talk to build a rewarding business empire comprising over 50,000 distributors.

8) Some interesting tips before getting involved with franchise

What’s our objective? It’s simple. We understand the needs of online services of our vistors and are able to give that requests with some services that’s available in this website. Whether its good or not, we are here try to help you.

9) What You Need To Know Before Buying A Low Cost Franchise
Blog: Franchise Gator

Welcome to Franchise Gator! We pride ourselves on linking real people with real franchise opportunities.

10) How to Manage a franchise
Blog: Franchise Source

If you want to buy franchise or you want to be franchisor, read recommendation in this place and make best decision.

Is Franchising Right For You?

11) Can You Franchise A Human Brain?
Blog: Brain Based Business

Benefiting at work from Brain Based Insights.

12) Buy a Franchise or Open Your Own Business
Blog: Expert Business Source

Expert Business Source: Small Business Information, Best Practices, Tips, News & Resources.

13) Are you ready to own your own business?
Blog: Red Hot Franchises

Select an Industry or Investment Level or Browse by Industry to get the latest info about the World's Hottest Franchises & Biz Ops. Find out about franchise fees, start-up costs, royalties & earnings claims. Take charge of your destiny in 2008 by owning your very own Red Hot Franchise!

14) Snelling Staffing Solutions Offers Great Entry into Booming Employment Franchise Segment
Blog: Brand Expansion Hot Press

Stay up to date with the latest franchise news and opportunities with Hot Press, brandEXPANSION’s daily news and information website.

15) Buying a Franchise - If You Think Owning a Franchise Unit is Easy, Think Again!

Business Opportunities, Entrepreneur Resources and Tools, Business Reviews.

16) How To Start A Franchise - Is Entrepreneurship For You?
Blog: Franchise Money Maker

Franchise Money Maker is a Free Information Website written by industry veterans and experts in various disciplines of business and dedicated to Entrepreneurs.

17) Absenteeism is Excused in Franchising
Blog: Marketing Simplified

"Marketing. Simplified." is a blog for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and others who wish to market and grow their businesses.

18) Who's Running the Franchise Today?
Blog: Become the Big Kahuna

Welcome to the Grand Kahuna! The internet community dedicated to the person looking to make money outside the traditional corporate environment.

19) Owning a Franchise Might Be Right for You
Blog: Young Money

YOUNG MONEY® was launched in 1999 to change the way young adults earn, manage, invest and spend money. As a leading national money, business and lifestyle magazine written primarily by student journalists, YOUNG MONEY specifically focuses on money management, entrepreneurship, careers, investing, technology, travel, entertainment and automotive topics.

20) Not Quite Ready To Retire? Try Franchising.
Blog: Franchise Blog

A Book Publisher's Future Visions of Print, Online, Video and All Media Formats Not Yet Invented.

Franchise Opportunities

21) Top 500 Franchise Opportunities for 2008
Blog: Brand Curve

All about branding and marketing.

22) Franchise Opportunities
Blog: Genuine Online Opportunities

We'll teach you to make money online absolutely free!

23) Why Franchise Business Opportunities Can Free You
Blog: The Home Business Archive

Tips, Tools, and Strategies to Market A Home Business Online.

24) UPS Store Franchise Owner Says You’d Succeed If You’d Stop Whining
Blog: Franchise Pick

Franchise Pick -- Discover the best Franchise for you!

25) Franchise Business Opportunities
Blog: Fiscal Musings

Fiscal Musings is a website that I started back in February 2007 where I discuss a broad range of financial topics. The goal is to share those things that I’ve personally learned and experienced in hopes that it in some way will help others not only improve their financial situation but eventually obtain financial freedom and independence.

26) Home Healthcare For Aging Seniors Will Continue To Be A Growing Franchising Niche With Plenty Of Opportunities

At you can learn how to make the right franchising decision, be a successful franchisee, and find the franchise opportunity that's right for you.

27) Is Chocolography Food Imaging a Top New Franchise?
Blog: Top New Franchises

TopNewFranchises.Com is an informational website devoted to seeking out, investigating and promoting the top new franchise opportunities.

28) Franchise Opportunities - How to Choose the Right One
Blog: Quantum Biofeedback

This is the Land to Share my Passions for Online Business Alliance and Various Niche Topics.

29) New Franchise Opportunities
Blog: Franchise Doctor's Blog

The Franchise Doctor profiles some outstanding franchise opportunities, offers tips on buying a franchise, and answers questions from our readers. Learn how to find a franchise for sale in your area and how to develop the franchise information you need before you invest. Learn how to franchise a business and how to read a franchise agreement.

30) A Unique Franchising Opportunity In A Growing Industry
Blog: Franchise Business Opportunities

The Business Opportunities Weblog is a moderated list of legitimate business opportunities for entrepreneurs. It is presented like a weblog with chronological archives and extensive outbound links.

Advantages of Franchising

31) Advantages of Buying a Business or Franchise
Blog: Nate Ritter

Nate has been a web developer for the likes of Worktank Seattle, Microsoft, Land Rover and a few other mom and pop shops. Nate is also a small business and startup business strategy consultant. He was also the first to develop keyword filtered RSS feeds while at Western Washington University.

32) Advantages of Buying a Business or Franchise
Blog: What's Your Story?

Startup Story Radio is a talk radio show for Small Business, Entrepreneurs and Startups.

33) The Franchise Advantage
Blog: Lula

Share your knowledge and experience with other users - Join the Iula community and write about your favorite topic !

34) The Advantages of Buying A Business or Franchise
Blog: Work From Home

Make Money With The Internet.

35) Advantages of Purchasing a Franchise Business
Blog: Legitimate Living is a collection of resources for those seeking information on how to start, manage and promote a small or home business. The information on this site has been collected from knowledgeable sites all over the web, as well as contributed by various skilled authors.

Financing Your Franchise

36) The Role Of a Franchise Broker-Consultant. Wall Street Journal Style
Blog: The Franchise King Blog

37) 5 Financial Things You Must Know About Franchising
Blog: Franchise Ultra Lounge

Relax. Create. Discuss. Succeed.

38) How to Turn a Franchise Agreement To Your Advantage

Franchise Business opporunity for sale information.

39) Buy a Franchise with your IRA without payments or penalties.
Blog: Franchise Whale

Franchise Wale - Just Big Ideas!

40) Franchises are Good Investments
Blog: Franchise Opportunities Guide was established in 2007 to help you to learn about franchise. Franchise could change your quality of life and this site is meant to help you in your journey of owning your own businesses.

Franchising Ideas

41) Have a unique selling proposition
Blog: LavaBlast

Help your franchise business get to the next level.

42) Tart Frozen Yogurt a Fad? Roll Your Own?
Blog: Franchise Pundit

The Inside Scoop On Franchises.

43) Top 10 Craziest Franchise Names
Blog: Whatch Me Franchise!

Follow the steps of our spotlight franchisees as they open their new franchise business.

44) Why Start an Executive Search Franchise
Blog: The Franchise Blog

FranchiseNetworks is the parent site of the Business Opportunity Weblog. This blog will be where we post helpful articles and commentary about how to choose a franchise or business opportunity, but also will discuss ideas for marketing to help franchisors sell more franchises.

45) Franchise systems that train extensively help keep franchisees afloat, study says
Blog: Let's Talk Franchising!

Providing valuable insight and information regarding franchising and franchise opportunities.

Making Your Franchise Successful

46) Seven Sure Steps to Choosing a Franchise
Blog: Get

If one day you were to be caught up by the entrepreneurial fire within to start your own business but you do not know how and where to begin, then this is the place for you. helps the aspiring entrepreneur (you!) with small business advice, business tips and info, and entrepreneur resources and opportunities.

47) Starting A Franchise Offers The Best Way To Beat Down Economy
Blog: Success Gems

Inspirational Gems of Wisdom & Personal Development Blog.

48) Making A Franchise Work
Blog: Franchise Talk

Want to be your own boss? A franchise or business opportunity may sound appealing, especially if you have limited resources or business experience. However, you could lose a significant amount of money if you don’t investigate a business carefully before you buy. This website was created to help.

49) Protect Your Franchise With Experienced Lawyers
Blog: Resource Zone

Your Resources of Fresh and Republishing articles.

50) The Advent of Franchising

The Premier Franchise Directory.


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