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The Top 50 Blogs Posts on The Law of Attraction In 2008

Top 50 Law of Attraction Blog Posts for 2008
The Top 50 Blog Posts on The Law of Attraction In 2008

The Law of Attraction was made popular by the 2006 movie, “The Secret”. It is the principal that “like attracts like” and that a person’s thoughts can be translated into the physical world to attract positive or negative experiences. Business owners are using the Law of Attraction to build their companies from the ground up and to the next levels of success. After searching high and low and researching thousands of blogs, we’ve come up with our list of the top 50 blog posts on the Law of Attraction for 2008. Enjoy!

The Secret

1) “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne Revealed – Part 2 of 3
URL: http://rickbell.typepad.com/the_official_rick_bell_bl/2007/07/the-secret-by-r.html
Blog: The Official Rick Bell Blog

Laugh with a bipolar, not at one... actually either way is fine by me.

2) Want to know more about The Secret?
URL: http://www.elizabeth-rose.info/2007/10/25/want-to-know-more-about-the-secret/
Blog: Alive

Blog about my quest to make money online and what I learn along the way.

3) Thinking Positive
URL: http://quantumbiofeedbacknyc.com/thinking-positive
Blog: Quantum Biofeedback

Our lives are governed by our thoughts. Most people do not realize that their thoughts are powerful and that their thoughts are attracting every circumstance into their lives. Recently, the movie “The Secret” has given the world a brief overview of how each aspect of our lives is affected by the law of attraction.

4) Secret Wishes Granted?
URL: http://commentisfree.guardian.co.uk/nick_taylor/2008/04/secret_wishes_granted.html
Blog: Comment is Free

A book that sets out how we can use the 'law of attraction' to gain our hearts' desires has an undeniable appeal. But is it what we really need?

5) The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
URL: http://jwikert.typepad.com/the_average_joe/2007/03/the_secret_by_r.html
Blog: Joe Wikert's Publishing 2020 Blog

A Book Publisher's Future Visions of Print, Online, Video and All Media Formats Not Yet Invented.

Basics of Law of Attraction

6) Law Of Attraction
URL: http://www.joyfuljubilantlearning.com/joyful_jubilant_learning/2008/03/law-of-attracti.html
Blog: Joyful Jubilant Learning

Aloha shared in learning with the Ho'ohana Community.

7) WARNING: Don’t Mix 3 Law of Attraction Steroids Into 1!
URL: http://www.asksaiful.com/2008/03/29/warning-dont-mix-3-law-of-attraction-steroids-into-1/
Blog: Saif Improvement

SaiF Improvement is the home of the World’s Best inspirational and motivational videos. It’s purpose is to enrich your life as you go on the journey of Constant & Never Ending Improvement

8) New Channeling: The Law of Attraction
URL: http://veranadine.com/2007/04/26/new-channeling-the-law-of-attraction/#comment-1898
Blog: Vera Nadine

Welcome to the home of inspirational writer, spirit channel and historical medium, Vera Nadine.

9) The Law of Attraction Rules
URL: http://www.noodlenak.com/the-law-of-attraction-rules.htm
Blog: Noodlenak

Stuff your noodle with knowledge at Noodlenak. Whatever the topic, Noodlenak covers it!

10) Understanding the Laws of Attraction and How To Use Them
URL: http://www.newsalistic.com/understanding-the-laws-of-attraction-and-how-to-use-them
Blog: Newsalistic

Stay up to date with the news about the stuff that matters to you from all around the world

Law of Attraction Techniques

11) The 6 Snarkiest Misconceptions about the Law of Attraction: #2
URL: http://www.christinekane.com/blog/the-6-snarkiest-misconceptions-about-the-law-of-attraction-2/
Blog: Christine Kane's Blog

Through the process of building a career as an artist, I woke up. I healed an eating disorder, I got over depression, I built a business, I sold over 65,000 CD’s, I toured the country several times over, I stopped thinking my emotional reactions were the truth, and I learned how to consciously create my life and my career.

12) Law Of Attraction Experiment
URL: http://www.blogfabulous.com/law-of-attraction-experiment/
Blog: Blog Fabulous

Blog Fabulous is a blog dedicated to women's experiences, issues, career, relationships, health, and of course shopping!

13) Cinderella and the Story About Attracting Abundance
URL: http://www.attractionmindmap.com/cinderella-and-the-story-about-attracting-abundance/
Blog: Attraction Mind Map

An online journal about accessing subconscious mind to achieve success and abundance. Includes tips on changing negative beliefs into positive ones.

14) GIGO Garbage in…Garbage out
URL: http://livingthelawofattraction.com/loa-blog/garbage-in-garbage-out/
Blog: Living the Law of Attraction…

Have you been hearing a lot about the Law of Attraction and The Secret? Maybe you have seen The Secret DVD or read the book….. Seen it on TV - read about it in newspapers and magazines - read about it right here on the internet.

15) Law of Attraction - Get Results #15 - Harnessing the Power of Your Emotions
URL: http://successforthesoul.com/...law-of-attraction-get-results-15-harnessing-the-power-of-your-emotions/
Blog: Success For the Soul

A transformational approach to personal success.

You and the Law of Attraction

16) 10 Things To Learn About Yourself When Traveling Alone
URL: http://www.bravenewtraveler.com/2008/04/17/10-things-to-learn-about-yourself-when-traveling-alone/
Blog: Brave New Traveler

Incorporating original content and previously published articles from guest authors, BNT avoids “destination-specific” narratives and instead focuses on topics like green travel, photography, writing, politics and culture.

17) You and The Law of Attraction
URL: http://mentalhealthdropincenter.com/2008/04/16/you-and-the-law-of-attraction/
Blog: Mental Health Drop In Center

Mental Health Articles, Resources, Support and Books.

18) Your Words Are The First Step In Deliberate Creation
URL: http://www.leonlioe.com/self-help/your-words-are-the-first-step-in-deliberate-creation
Blog: Leon’s Self-Development Blog

Unleash Your Personal Power Through The Power Of Self-Development.

19) Law of Attraction: Your Personal Big Give
URL: http://www.lawofattractioninactionblog.com/leadingedgecoaching/2008/03/law-of-attra-13.html
Blog: The Law of Attraction In Action with Eva

The only thing standing between you and your dream, is your belief that it's possible and your willingness to go after it.

20) It's Always within You
URL: http://www.simplephilosophy.com/it-is-always-within-you/
Blog: Honestly, Integrity, Character

Welcome to Simple Philosophy!  The site is dedicated to providing simple, straight forward information and content about personal development, fitness and weight loss, personal responsibility, business management, and finding the “real you”. 

Steps Toward Success in Law of Attraction

21) How to Create A Law Of Attraction Vision Board
URL: http://www.eso-garden.com/index.php?/weblog/how_to_create_a_law_of_attraction_vision_board/
Blog: Ursi's Eso Garden

Your Competent Esoteric Guide.

22) Mind You, Law Of Attraction Is To Attract Not Subtract.
URL: http://www.mindthinksuccess.com/.../mind-you-law-of-attraction-is-to-attract-not-subtract
Blog: Mind Think Success

Law Of Attraction Works Best With A Healthy Subconscious Mind.

23) Courses in Law of Attraction coaching, consulting and training
URL: http://www.selfvolution.com/courses-in-law-of-attraction-coaching-consulting-and-training/
Blog: Selfvolution

A self improvement web site & blog covering many ways to personal growth and development, through spirituality, motivation, goal setting, various personal skills and other methods which will help you live a better, happier, and more fulfilling life.

24) Scrapbooking and The Law of Attraction
URL: http://wonderfulwasteoftime.blogspot.com/2008/04/scrapbooking-and-law-of-attraction.html
Blog: Wonderful Waste of Time

Wonderful waste of time.

25) Law of Attraction: Residual Negative Energy
URL: http://creationthoughts.com/2008/04/21/law-of-attraction-residual-negative-energy/
Blog: Creation Thoughts

Exploring Conscious Creation, Power of Thoughts, and the Law of Attraction.

You Can Attract Anything With The Law of Attraction

26) 6 Speedy Systems to Stop Self Improvement Stagnation
URL: http://www.todayisthatday.com/blog/6-speedy-systems-to-stop-self-improvement-stagnation/
Blog: Create Life in Your Own Image

In a word: Empowerment. That is not to say that everything you read here will be empowering, but your empowerment is the primary goal of the Today is that Day site.

27) How to Use the Law of Attraction to Break Bad Habits
URL: http://www.dreammanifesto.com/law-attraction-break-bad-habits.html
Blog: Dream Manifesto

Manifest your dreams with the power of attraction and attention. Use the dream manifestation wizard to create wealth, abundance & prosperity.

28) Environment Of Attraction: Using The Law Of Attraction To Replenish The Environment
URL: http://www.dailymantra.com/2008/02/environment_of_attraction_usin.html
Blog: Daily Mantra

You don’t have to give up your cigarette or spend years (not to mention money) healing your aura before reaching enlightenment, because we think anyone can be enlightened at any time. Check in for a daily dose of spiritual sass.

29) Quickly Attract Wealth With The Law Of Attraction!
URL: http://applying-the-law-of-attraction.blogspot.com/2008/04/quickly-attract-wealth-with-law-of.html
Blog: Applying The Law of Attraction

Learn How To Apply The Most Powerful Universal Law To Create Your Ideal Life.

30) The Secret Law of Attraction
URL: http://www.amoreonline.com/2008/04/03/the-secret-law-of-attraction/
Blog: Amore Online

An online dating portal with articles related to dating, marriage, relationships and love.

Health and the Law of Attraction

31) Weight loss and the law of attraction: a dialogue
URL: http://www.moritherapy.org/article/weight-loss-and-the-law-of-attraction-a-dialogue/
Blog: Change Therapy

Creating more happiness, goodness and common sense in this world: this blog aims to contribute through ideas on emotional wellness and mental health; musings about spirituality, creativity and peace; and reports on research in psychology.

32) I Used Deliberate Attraction To Get Well!
URL: http://www.abundancehighway.com/i-used-deliberate-attraction-to-get-well/
Blog: Abundance Highway

My Abundance Highway is dedicated to sharing experiences, tips and resources to help others find abundant. Firstly be Grateful? Could you get used to that feeling? If so, you are on your way to Abundance as you never imagined it!

33) Health Tip #32: Use the law of attraction to lose weight and get fit
URL: http://healthy-tips-for-a-healthy-lifestyle.blogspot.com/.../health-tip-32-use-law-of-attraction-to.html
Blog: Healthy Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle

"Healthy Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle" is a health blog with health tips regarding diet, exercise and more to inspire you to become healthier.

34) The Law Of Attraction And Weight Loss: Can You Think Yourself Thin?
URL: http://wow-rebates.com/the-law-of-attraction-and-weight-loss-can-you-think-yourself-thin/
Blog: Wow Rebates

This blog is a patch of the Butsave Shopping(butsave.com) where you can save money with our rebates after shop online. Here you can see some helpful articles, coupons and discounts message.

35) The Secret Law of Attraction Makes you Healthy and Rich

URL: http://healthandfitnessworld.wordpress.com/.../the-secret-law-of-attraction-makes-you-healthy-and-rich/
Blog: Health & Fitness World

Health & Fitness World covers well-being, fitness, nutrition, and beauty.

Wealth and Business

36) Can Using the Law of Attraction Help My Business -- Or Is It A Load of Crap?
URL: http://brazilbusiness.biz/.../can-using-the-law-of-attraction-help-my-business-...or-is-it-a-load-of-crap/
Blog: Virtual Entrepreneur

Money, Trends, Tips, Links & Biz Opportunities For Entrepreneurs.

37) Attract More Sales Using the Law of Attraction
URL: http://www.smbtrendwire.com/2008/04/09/attract-more-sales-using-the-law-of-attraction/
Blog: Small Business Trends Radio

Small Business Trends Radio is an hour-long radio program featuring small business experts on a variety of topics.

38) Read If You Want To Attract Wealth With The Law Of Attraction!
URL: http://ireland-local.blogspot.com/2008/04/read-if-you-want-to-attract-wealth-with.html
Blog: Great Gifts From Ireland

This blog is all about our site Ireland Local, our Irish Gift Store, our Oak Planting Project, and assorted, random, items that are hopefully of some use to you.

39) Can Using the Law of Attraction Help My Business – Part 5 Final Thoughts
URL: http://thebabyboomerentrepreneur.com/106/can-using-the-law-of-attraction-help-my-business...
Blog: The Baby Boomer Entrepreneur

1 in 4 new entrepreneurs - seniorpreneurs, grey entrepreneurs - are over 50 .rnThe Baby Boomer Entrepreneur provides tips, strategies and advice about small business marketing; interviews from experts and profiles of successful entrepreneurs.

40) Can Attraction Principles Work to Build Your Business?
URL: http://streetsmartsmarketing.typepad.com/street_smarts_marketing_p/2008/04/can-attraction.html
Blog: StreetSmarts Marketing

Internet marketing strategies for speakers, trainers, authors and consultants who want to turn their expertise into money making products and services.

Questions the Law of Attraction May Bring

41) Law Of Positioning Is Greater Than Law Of Attraction
URL: http://www.alexshalman.com/blog/2008/03/24/law-of-positioning-is-greater-than-law-of-attraction/
Blog: Practical Personal Development

Practical Personal Development - My take on health, time management, motivation, relationships, goal setting, communication, money, accelerated learning and much more. All geared towards easy understanding and practical implementation.

42) Is The Law of Attration REALLY A Law?
URL: http://www.evolvingtimes.com/2008/02/is-the-law-of-attraction-really-a-law.htm
Blog: Evolving Times

Evolving Times is the blog for conscious evolutionaries. Get inspired, learn about and discuss the process conscious evolution, and just generally have fun.

43) When Law of Attraction Works Too Fast?
URL: http://movingspirit.typepad.com/spirit_in_gear/2008/04/when-law-of-att.html
Blog: Spirit in Gear

Tips and musings to help you profit from you inner knowing brought to you by author Debbie Call.

44) Directness and the Law of Attraction, huh?
URL: http://brucisms.com/2008/04/07/directness-and-the-law-of-attraction-huh/
Blog: Brucisms

Thoughts on Life, Leadership, and The Pursuit of Happiness.

45) The Law of Attraction…Fact or Fiction?
URL: http://www.lifemagick.net/manifesting/the-law-of-attractionfact-or-fiction/
Blog: Manifesting: Life Magick

Collection of helpful articles about manifesting one's desires through the use of the laws of attraction, meditation, creative visualization, and affirmation. Includes reviews of books about the topic.

Problems with Law of Attraction

46) Problems Some Have with the Law of Attraction…
URL: http://www.moxie-drive.com/...Problems-Some-Have-with-the-Law-of-Attraction.htm
Blog: Moxie Drive Expressions

Home based business opportunity that will fulfill your dreams! Affiliate online internet training resource with massive profit potential. Build proven multiple residual income streams.

47) Your Problem Is Another Man’s Dream
URL: http://attractingyourgoals.com/your-problem-is-another-mans-dream/
Blog: Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction - Attracting everything you want in your life. Knowing the Law of Attraction alone is not enough. We need to know how to apply it and every possible way to apply it into our life.

48) Law of Attraction Question: What do I do when someone important in my life does not BELIEVE in the Law of Attraction and I do?
URL: http://healpain.blogspot.com/2008/03/law-of-attraction-question-what-do-i-do.html
Blog: Heal Pain Naturally

I was able to heal my chronic pain using all natural techniques. Most of which I adopted after studying the Law of Attraction and the mind/body connection.

49) My Friends are Messing Me Up on Purpose in the Law of Attraction
URL: http://bethandlee.wordpress.com/.../my-friends-are-messing-me-up-on-purpose-in-the-law-of-attraction/
Blog: Beth and Lee's Weblog

Beth and Lee's weblog dealing with all aspects of the Law of Attraction.

50) Law of Attraction Not Working
URL: http://toorealadvice.wordpress.com/2008/04/16/law-of-attraction-not-working/
Blog: Too Real Advice

Personal, professional and spiritual growth.


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