Misti Burmeister

Women Entrepreneurs Author

A leading authority and bestselling author on the topic of inter-generational communication, Misti Burmeister has – for more than 10 years – empowered multi-generational organizations to increase their effectiveness, thus improving their company’s profits and productivity, and substantially accelerating their careers. www.mistib.com www.leadingacrossgenerations.com This talented entrepreneur has consulted for well-known companies including AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, UPS, government agencies and many others. Combining humor with hard-hitting information, she’s earned acclaim for providing immediately applicable steps that enable staff to work together and bring out the best in teams and organizations, in spite of their generational differences. A holder of degrees in both Psychology and Kinesiology with a Masters degree in Human Communications, Misti has proved that increased understanding plus systemized methods of implementation result in increased collaboration and improve a company’s bottom line. And, as you’ll be able to easily see for yourself, she brings a passion, belief and skill set to this topic that will empower you to fulfill your potential.



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