How To Evaluate the Six Key Areas Top Producers Focus On For Your Internet Business

"Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony." -Thomas Merton

There are six key areas that the top Internet business leaders and producers focus on in their lives and businesses.

The first area

is commitment to motivation and self-development. This can come from a

mentor to help you learn the industry to an on-line training platform

to self-development books. The important thing is to learn and grow as

a business leader and person. Leaders are always learning and growing.

The second area

is positioning or self-branding, in other words, showing who you are

and your abilities as a leader and marketer. Are you knowledgeable and

trustworthy? Have you established a presence in your industry and


The third area is building your team. Top earners

have a team working with them and for them. If your particular business

is network marketing this does not mean your down-line. Some tasks

should be outsourced to allow the business owner to devote to more

important income producing activities. Another part of developing a

team is building what Napoleon Hill called a "Master Mind" group, a

team to think about success and how to grow the business.

The fourth area

top income producers focus on is creating or finding multiple streams

of income. The top earners do not rely on one product or service alone

to market. Income is coming from a variety of sources and arriving all

the time.

The fifth area is marketing. Amazingly many

people who get Internet Marketing forget this! There are both paid and

free ways to market. There is paid advertising such as pay per click on

Google, Yahoo, and Bing and banner advertising. Social media, blogging,

and video are free ways to market. The Internet marketer must do this


The sixth area top Internet marketers devote

to is financial education. They learn how to save, invest, and reinvest

their income back into their business.

There is, however, a final key:

evaluation of performance and productivity. A simple way to do this is

to draw a circle and divide the circle graph into six sectors. Each

sector represents the six areas a successful marketer commits to. Then

ask yourself, "How much have I committed to each area?" For example,

How much have you committed to self development and training? Fifty

percent? That's great! Then move on to the next sectors: positioning,

growing a team, marketing, etc.

After you have decided how much

you are working on each area, color in the areas. Fifty percent in one,

ten percent in another one, for instance.

After you've done this,

look and see if it's a balanced wheel? Would that wheel have problems

getting started? Would it have problems continuing to roll? Perhaps

that is why you are stuck? You and your business are unbalanced. As you

become balanced or harmonious in each sector, each one will start to

grow organically with the others and the increase in growth will begin

to speed up.

Try this exercises to see what you need to focus on to get your business growing.


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