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twitter-university-2In my last Twitter University post (9 Reasons Why EntrepreneursShould Be On Twitter – Twitter University) I discussed why it was important for business owners to get involved with Twitter. Today I wanted to showcase a few examples of entrepreneurs who are active on Twitter and were able to generate significant traffic increases to their websites.

On, Twitter has recently become the number four source of traffic. It’s Google, then Yahoo!, then AOL, and then Twitter. Twitter sends more traffic to my site than Ask, Bing / MSN, Wikipedia, Digg, and Facebook. What’s also interesting is that Twitter visitors view 40% more pages and spend 73% more time on my site than visitors from Google. I don’t have any numbers on how well the traffic converts, which is typically a problem for social media referrals, but the growth in the Twitter numbers is impressive nonetheless.

I also wanted to share with the results that other bloggers are experiencing. Let’s start with one of the most popular blogs in the world, TechCrunch. TechCrunch recently released their traffic numbers (For TechCrunch, Twitter = Traffic (A Statistical Breakdown)) and Twitter is the number two referring website after Google. Twitter accounts for 9.7% of TechCrunch traffic, up from 1.8% six months ago, out of millions of visitors. According to TechCrunch writer Erick Schonfeld:

erick-schonfeld“Some people use it to share their daily thoughts and observation. But it is increasingly becoming clear that one of the most common ways people use Twitter is as a social information filter and link distributor. Twitter is not just about micro-media. The most powerful Tweets are those which point elsewhere. Or to put it another way, the shortened link may just be the most powerful type of micro-media there is. Those retweeted links are turning Twitter into a social broadcast media that rivals any other on the Web. “

Another popular blogger who has been on Twitter is Jeremy Shoemaker, a.k.a. ShoeMoney. Shoemaker has been on Twitter for almost one year and it is also the second largest referral of traffic after Google (For Those Who Still Don’t Get Twitter). Twitter sends him over 25,000 visitors every month and, similar to results on my website, Twitter visitors look at more pages and spend more time on his site than Google visitors. According to Shoemaker:

jeremy-shoemaker“You would probably be surprised to learn that less then 5% of the twitter traffic came from my tweets. Just engaging in the twittosphere has been amazingly rewarding. But if you still “don’t get it” its cool. Less competition.”

Chris Brogan, a community and social media blogger, recently shared how he has managed to double the traffic to his website using Twitter (How I Use Twitter to Promote My Blog). According to Brogan:

chris-brogan“Since I started using Twitter, I have more than doubled my blog traffic over the last several months, and I can tell you how. I ask my following in Twitter for love three times: once when I post the blog, again if it takes off well in the comments section, and sometimes a third time if I want to really amp the traffic via StumbleUpon. I mix these requests in liberally with all the various ways I help others using Twitter, and so it doesn’t come off like I’m perpetually pitching my own stuff. My current monthly rate of pitching others vs. promoting my own site is 75 / 25 in other people’s favor. That sounds fair, right?”

You also don’t need to be a top blogger to get results from Twitter. A great example is Daily SEO Blog, a website run by Mani Karthik, a self-proclaimed “Internet Enthusiast.” Karthik currently gets 25% of his traffic from Twitter and again, Twitter is the number two source of referring traffic, after Google (How much traffic can Twitter give ?). According to Karthik:

mani-karthik“For those of you still not convinced about what Twitter can give to your website, think again. Most of the sites, Twitter is already giving 1/3rd – 1/4th of its total traffic – those who have embraced the power of Twitter that is. DSB gets a nice 1/4th of its traffic from Twitter too, that is indeed a nice thing. What’s important is that 99% of the traffic is from other people’s tweets. So if you haven’t yet embraced Twitter, try it out this time around.”

My top nine reasons for why entrepreneurs should be on Twitter were:

  1. It’s where your customers are
  2. It’s where your customers will be
  3. Twitter can drive targeted traffic to your website
  4. People are talking about you
  5. Connect with people you want to get in front of
  6. Add credibility to your business
  7. Stay on top of trends in your industry
  8. Rank higher in search engines
  9. Leverage the work you’re already doing

Hopefully today’s post has given you solid evidence for how Twitter can drive targeted traffic to your website and helps bring home some of the benefits of getting involved.

How are you using Twitter for your business? What kind of traffic results are you seeing?

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  1. Steve Broe says:

    I’m a new Twitterer, with an established blog, and I loved the comments about how Twitter can be used to direct traffic to expand the reach of one’s message. Thank you Evan.

    Dr. Steve Broe

  2. RT @EvanCarmichael Bloggers Generate 10-100% More Traffic Using Twitter – Twitter University

  3. Lauren Lekai says:

    RT @tweetmeme Bloggers Generate 10-100% More Traffic Using Twitter – Twitter University: In my… (via @EvanCarmichael)

  4. RT @tweetmeme Bloggers Generate 10-100% More Traffic Using Twitter – Twitter University: In my last..

  5. RT @tweetmeme Bloggers Generate 10-100% More Traffic Using Twitter – Twitter University: In my last..

  6. RT @tweetmeme Bloggers Generate 10-100% More Traffic Using Twitter – Twitter University: In my last..

  7. RT @tweetmeme Bloggers Generate 10-100% More Traffic Using Twitter – Twitter University: In my last..

  8. RT @tweetmeme Bloggers Generate 10-100% More Traffic Using Twitter – Twitter University: In my last..

  9. I’m sure in many cases Twitter sends more traffic than Search Engines because most people don’t have good enough SE rankings to get SE traffic. But anyone can get Twitter traffic. The problem is that Twitter traffic won’t convert for the most part and SE traffic will. I’d venture to say that 98% of the time getting just 100 visitors from search is better than getting 2000+ from Twitter.

  10. David Hurley says:

    Hi Evan,

    I am not systematically using Twitter to generate traffic, but if I were, I think it would be easy to test conversion rates by pointing my tweets to a product review web page that links through to a product purchase page. The page would be set up exclusively to test Twitter traffic.

    I’d replace the URL link in my tweets with a tracking code, and then place another bit of tracking code on the “thank you page” to see how many Twitter users land on my review page and how many of them go through the sales funnel and emerge on the thank you page…

  11. Great feedback guys!

    Trent, you’ve inspired me to do a post on conversion from Twitter traffic – It will be interesting to see how it compares to the other social media sites as well as direct or search engine traffic.

    David, the issue is that you can’t control where the Twitter traffic comes from very often. If it’s your own posts then you can but most of the bloggers get Twitter traffic from other people posting the blog posts or articles on Twitter which makes it difficult to track because it’s not going to a specific landing page.

  12. Hi Evan,

    Our company’s CEO has been trying to convince me forever to use Twitter more as well. My initial reaction to Twitter can not be summed up better than what Trent said, the traffic is weak…same as

    But I am also going to put it to the test and will report back on traffic, leads, and sales that come from Twitter over 2009. I would be interested to see other reports from forum users on conversions.


    Social Media (like Twitter) works great if you can influence others. When promoting our clients we don’t build awesome social media accounts in hopes of driving traffic, but we create a reason for people with popular social media accounts (like twitter) to promote the company; and I am not talking about paying them but just providing them a reason to want to talk about the company.

  13. one thing is 100% sure that Twitter is very easy and Free tool to drive more traffic to your website even you can drive thousands of visitors per day by utilizing twitter properly.

  14. Thanks for the feedback ExploreMyBlog – what are some of the strategies you are using?

  15. Simon says:

    I have been using twitter for a few months, getting quite a bit of traffic from there, but I am not sure how useful that traffic is yet since I have no means of determining the exit point for that traffic. I would be happy to hear strategies being used by others to make good use of that traffic.

  16. cam gleeson says:

    RT @tweetmeme Bloggers Generate 10-100% More Traffic Using Twitter – Twitter University

  17. I want to know how to generate trafic to my site

  18. RT @tweetmeme Bloggers Generate 10-100% More Traffic Using Twitter – Twitter University

  19. RT @tweetmeme Bloggers Generate 10-100% More Traffic Using Twitter – Twitter University

  20. Hi,

    I am not sure if I posted something similar to this already, but I think it is important to post it anyway. Many people ask me, “As an average Small Business Owner how can I use social media marketing effectively.” Since this topic is about the fastest growing social media site Twitter I think it is good to go over this.

    Step 1: Create & publish relevant content, or link bait that links back to internal pages of your site.

    Step 2: Influence aggregators & distributors of information to link to your useful content.

    Step 3: Convince socializers to inform their large network of social media users (like Twitter) about this great resource he/she just found.

    Remember, you want to influence the influencers, not they try to become the influencer overnight. Too many companies fall into the trap on trying to build 1,000’s of “friends” on social media sites instead of influencing the already popular social media users.

    There is nothing wrong with becoming a popular social media users (like Evan is) but trying to become that overnight does not work for most internet business owners. So an easy way to use social media marketing now is to create great content and get it into the hands of social media users.

  21. Hi,

    I also thought I would post a real life example to go along with this post. I am promoting a website called Obviously we need to build links for the site to rank well in the search engines, so how can you do that using social media correctly?

    We decided to allow some influential sports bloggers to giveaway the keychains! Our only requirement was that the link back to the products they were giving away. How do it do?


    You can view the post here to get a better idea on how to format a similar contest:

    Instead of creating our own Twitter account and trying to create a bunch of fake followers, we just simply created a reason why influential Twitter Account owners would promote the site for us.

    If you don’t already have a large group of loyal followers on Twitter or any other social media site, this is an excellent way to use social media effectively today.


  22. David Hurley says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for the great input. It offers us a whole new perspective on using Twitter and other social networking sites.

  23. PhilHogan says:

    I agree with Trent, un-targeted traffic is very difficult to convert.


  24. lisa says:

    I was not aware of this information, which you have mentioned. I never used Twitter for business purpose, but I do have an account and I use it for fun. It is really nice to know that you are getting more and more traffic to your site through Twitter.

  25. Anelly says:

    I must admit i have a problem with Twitter. It’s not generating traffic for my websites but I don’t even like it. I know how things work there but I fail in practice. :x

  26. Yes, agree with the author, twitter is the best social media nowadays, maybe, they can defeat facebook

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