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It has been another pleasurable day at the SES Conference and Expo here in Toronto!  The theme of today’s sessions was Social Media  – the topics varied from Social Media 101, Social Media Solutions on a Budget to Killer Facebook Targeting Tactics.  Below I have listed some of my favorite points from the sessions I have attended.

Social Media 101


This was a solo presentation by Krista Neher, CEO of Boot Camp Digital; throughout Krista’s session the audience was exposed to the main issue most business owners have – creating value for your audience.

  • A successful approach to social media is to create value for the communities that include you, not to promote your product, service or yourself.  The more value you create for the community the more value they will create for you.
  • When companies decide to join the social media network – they always start from the bottom.
    – First you should listen, holistically understand the person you are trying to reach.
    – Second think about your marketing strategies and what you are trying to achieve with social media.
    – Third you have to know who your target audience is, figure out how your product or service can solve a problem for them.
    – Fourth step is to figure out your content (good strategy & creative execution)
    – Final step is to track and measure, and then make adjustments accordingly.
  • If you want people to like you, keep them around you more often – to do that you have to bring them into your marketing funnel which includes four points:
    • Awareness
    • Interest
    • Desire
    • Action
    • When you create content make sure you think about the easy ways other people can share your content.  Also look for social networks that apply to your network, it will make it easier to find people that are interested in your products/services.
    • Twitter is the most powerful social media because you are able to connect with anyone whether you know them or not.  13% of Americans use Twitter (which is up 5% from 2009)
    • Ratings are very important when it comes to your product or service – people are willing to pay 50-99% more for a 5-star product over a 4-star product.  You can use LinkedIn to get reviews from people you have made connections with.
    • The 8 categories of Social Media include: Publishing, Sharing, Social Networks, Microblogs, Co-Creation, Public Relations, Discussions & Review and Mobile.


Social Media Solutions on a Budget


This session contained wonderful tips from Lisa Buyer, CEO of The Buyer Group and Jason Yormark, VP of Marketing and Social Media, Strategies 360.  I will provide the abundance of programs they have listed for the audience below for various Social Media Networks.

  • Keep updates short, sweet and optimized
  • Since Social Media takes up so much time, and time is money Lisa has given an efficient scheduling timeline for one hour a day:
    8:00 am – 15 minutes
    12:00 pm – 15 minutes
    4:00 pm – 15 minutes
    15 minutes – unpredicted
  • Results:
    • Referring traffic to website or blog
    • More engagement/interactions
    • Increased followers
    • Increased subscribers
    • Blogging Resources for Themes since the design of the website is very important check out these links:


Building Reach:

    • Branding:
      • CRM:
        • Hootsuite
        • Tweetdeck
        • Seimic


  • GoAnimate
  • One Time Media
  • Xtranormal Movie Maker
  • Stuperflix Video Maker

LinkedIn Groups

  • Great resource for new leads, customers, web traffic
  • Identify relevant groups to join
  • Contribute regularly outside of sharing your own content

Social Analytics

  • Social Mention
  • Hootsuite
  • Postrank
  • Google Analytics
  • Klout/Peer Index
  • Google Alerts

Golden Tool of The Day! – is a reach multiplier which is an invite only website (you could request to join), it allows you to interact with people that are related to your business.  The reason the website is invite only is to keep spammers out however, it allowed Jason to grow his initial reach over a million in one month!


Killer Facebook Targeting Tactics


Actual Bio:

Marty Weintraub, CEO of aimClear, an online marketing agency that has managed Facebook ad campaigns generating over 10 billion impressions internationally.  Client credits include, Siemens, Second Life, Budget Direct, and other global brands.

  • PPC is to SEO as Facebook Ads are to Social Media
  • Targeting Creativity:
    • What personal traits?
    • Who’s professional characteristics?
    • Which radically private predilections?
    • Concept transcends Facebook
    • Inspired by bottomless personalities
    • Facebook ads are targeted by location, sex, age, relationship statuses, profession, and education etc – what people are interested in.
    • If you are trying to sell noise cancelling headphones it is best to advertise to people on Facebook that like travel agencies such as etc.
    • Make sure to differentiate where the potential lead works instead of the company they like – it can be as different as a page they like or a company they actually work at so you have to be careful where you are marketing.
    • There are over 35 million people in the world who speak English in countries other than US, Canada, Australia and UK
    • When advertising on Facebook
      • Do not take hard core sales positions
      • Offer value
      • Serious Marketing Power
        • Your target is never truly off duty, whether they are home or at work they could log into their Facebook
        • Catch them at home off guard

It has been an amazing experience at SES Conference and Expo – being around the SEO experts themselves has allowed me to learn so much!  I look forward to attending the SES next year!

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  1. SES – Day 2 – Marija – #SESTO

  2. SES – Day 2 – Marija – #SESTO –

  3. SES – Day 2 – Marija – #SESTO –

  4. SES – Day 2 – Marija – #SESTO –

  5. SES – Day 2 – Marija – #SESTO –

  6. SES – Day 2 – Marija – #SESTO –

  7. SES – Day 2 – Marija – #SESTO –

  8. SES – Day 2 – Marija – #SESTO –

  9. Marija says:

    SES – Day 2 – Marija – #SESTO –

  10. SES – Day 2 – Marija – #SESTO –

  11. SES – Day 2 – Marija – #SESTO –

  12. @evansauthors Great meeting you at #SESTO and fantastic coverage | | until next year

  13. Jack says:

    This is the topic I’ve been waiting for. All about Social Media. Social Media is really useful but some people just really don’t have the idea how to create value for audience. I learned a lot from this post! Thanks a lot for giving us the highlights of the expo!

  14. jessie says:

    Very interesting! I didn’t know that it’s more efficient if you have a scheduling timeline for these Social Media Networks. I guess you really have to manage your time to effectively use Social Media for your business.

  15. Pam says:

    Social media, one of the topics that’s mostly discussed nowadays. Thanks for these loads of useful information from the conference. I like the points on how to keep people like you and keep them around. I think this is essential in using social media as a tool for your business. Thanks again!

  16. chelsea says:

    Hi! Social media is my favorite topic since it’s popular to discuss nowadays. The techniques you shared here will really give advantage on using social media as your tool for business.

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    I am thankful for the new things I learned reading your post. Very nice post, very helpful thank for the information because it helps me a lot!

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    Just wanted to say I appreciate this article. You put a lot of information into your post and it is just wonderful and so thoughtful of you! SESTO!

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    Completely agree with SESTO, I wish I had known about this before. Thank you SESTO!

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    I really got a kick out of SESTO’s event. It was loaded with information that i’ve never imagined.. like the timebased! More power SESTO!

  21. Bonifacio says:

    Never though how online had become and social media popping elsewhere. It had been an era of online opportunities and social networking rises.

  22. Josie says:

    Facebook, Twitter and other major social networks will become increasingly popular these days. Social channels on which other companies can grow and develop their own technologies and businesses. Hello online world!

  23. Zach says:

    Day two provides consulting and creates social media strategies. Ways that can run campaigns for major brands and mid-size companies helping out this fast paced online world.

  24. Madison says:

    SESTO presented the social media strategy that plugs into different business goals. Marketing mix, customer outreaching.. Strategic planning, Social media campaign and more. ’twas very helpful.

  25. Crane says:

    The moderated business community for marketers, bloggers, PR, and media professionals. That is a Social Media. Day two was remarkable.

  26. Mike says:

    The great thing about social media–companies,customers, individuals are empowered like never before as they can share their experiences and opinions about brands/products on different channels and marketers have no control over what customers are saying about their brands/products. It is visible to all including other customers, potential customers and competitors.

  27. Aiza says:

    Since then, as the social media rise, the platform has grown into an important tool for connecting with anything. To families, businesses, comments and opinion and different sorts. A powerful tool and still at its peak.

  28. Mia says:

    Social media is a great tool for business nowadays. But I think it’s better if you learn the effective approach to utilize it and bring advantages for your business. Thanks for sharing us the tips from the conference!

  29. Hilary says:

    I think the tips are not only for business but these tips are also applicable to individuals who want to use social media as means of marketing their work to gain popularity. Thanks for the tips!

  30. Mandy says:

    I think the programs you shared here are very useful. It looks like those can really help in building a good website and good reach for other social networking sites.

  31. Arnold says:

    I agree Social media plays a big role in effectively increasing your audience. Our company just started out last year and my boss is so happy he said yes to our offer. This article really said it all!

  32. Dorothy says:

    Almost all companies already decided to use internet as a tool to promote their service/product. My colleagues are very happy we came to your site. We understood the social media network more than the basics. Thanks for this post!

  33. Jared says:

    Twitter and facebook are the popular social networking sites in our area. We just created accounts on these sites. What we have observed is we always need to make sure we are providing relevant details that can be understood right away. Posting a picture does help too.

  34. Natalie says:

    I agree that we need to know to whom we can offer our product or service. We need to let them know we care and it will be convenient for them. The more convenient the higher chances they will stick with you.

  35. Bryle says:

    These days everyone can look for you online. Some companies made sure they are visible on search engines and social media sites. Proper marketing strategy needs to be plan very carefully. This site helps a lot!

  36. Jennilyn says:

    Bases on my experienced, bloggers who post reviews are the one who can truly provide feedback. They don’t mislead and often times people searches for that particular item or service, then will check on blogs too. They will most of the time believe whatever the blogger wrote. We have to be aware of this as well.

  37. Arni says:

    YouTube is also being check by a lot of consumer. People nowadays believe so much in feedbacks or reviews. They want know if that will work for other people or what good points does that product have. Some companies sent out their product to a number of people to test it out and put a review online.

  38. Ciara says:

    Being online is a must right now. Companies built their websites, sign up to twitter or facebook. The social networking site is like a mall. A lot of people are there all the time. That’s why companies want to be in that loop, to serve people and provide good service.

  39. Levy says:

    This article is so fun to read! I got to learn a lot and got tips as well. Thanks for putting this up. More power!

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    We never thought technology can help a lot. Internet is now more convenient for people to talk to their friends and even do their shopping. Marketing is so much fun now.

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