Top 50 Productivity Blogs of 2011

Top 50 Productivity blogs of 2011

Productivity is known as the ratio of what is produced to what is required to produce it. Have you ever felt like it takes you so much more to produce something than others?

No matter what your business, productivity is one of the key ingredients to making it a success. It gives you an edge over your competitors. It lets you stay ahead of the game by ensuring your resources are used to the maximum efficiency possible.

So how do you become a productive person? The good news is that it is not a skill you are born with. Instead, it is a series of tools and techniques that you can master over time.

Check out the Top 50 Productivity Blogs of 2011 below to see which of those tools and techniques will work best for you and your business.

You can see last year’s list here.

Productivity Gadgets

Judie Lipsett Stanford, Gear Diary

Judie Lipsett Stanford, Gear Diary

1) Gear Diary  We all have gear that we use daily – some of it electronic and some of it organic. Judie, Dan and the team explores the equipment that makes our lives easier, more entertaining, more productive, and more manageable.

2) Gizmodo Gizmodo is your ultimate gadget guide! Discover new technologies that change the way we live, work, love, play, think and feel, and can help you become more productive at work and home.

3) OfficeSupplyGeek – OfficeSupplyGeek offers news and reviews on cool office supplies to keep you interested and coming back. These new, innovative, and helpful accessories will help you to stay productive.

4) ProductiveWise– ProductiveWise is a productivity, social media, and Internet blog. Discover tools to improve your work and personal life, such as softwares and web applications. Learn best practices and innovative methods to get things done, manage your time and activities.

5) RealTime Tricks– RealTimeTricks keeps you updated with the latest tricks, tips, online tools, computing and web applications you need to stay on top of your life.

Life Hacks

Adam Pash, Lifehacker

Adam Pash, Lifehacker Lifehacker offers tips, tricks, and downloads for getting things done. Written by Adam Pash since 2005, it is one of the leading sites on how to hack your life.

7) Lifehacker Australia technology guide, part productivity tool, Lifehacker helps you organise your workday and maximise your playtime. It provides tips for technology and for life which you can use to make yourself more productive.

8) Stepcase Lifehack– Lifehacks describes any hacks, tips and tricks that get things done quickly by automating, increase productivity and organizing. This site is built around this theme. It is a frequently updated blog, which provides news and articles which able you to get things done in a faster pace.

9) Marc and Angel Hack Life– Marc and Angel enjoy sharing practical thoughts on a broad range of topics pertaining to life, hacks, productivity, aspirations, health, work, tech and general self improvement.

10) Smartlife– Smartlife’s mission is to inform you on how to streamline and get more out of your life using technology, outsourcing, crowdsourcing, and other lifehacks.

Getting Organized

Laura Wittmann, I'm an Organizing Junkie

Laura Wittmann, I'm an Organizing Junkie

11) I’m an Organizing Junkie Wittmann is addicted to organizing and the simplicity it offers. Stick around and you may find yourself hooked along with her.

12) Unclutterer– Unclutterer is the blog about getting and staying organized. A place for everything, and everything in its place is their gospel.

13) Life…Your Way Blogger Mandi Ehman offers personalized solutions for living. Life…Your Way has one goal: to help you sort through all of the facts and opinions so you can make an informed decision about what works best for your preferences, your needs and your lifestyle.

14) The Joyful Organizing– The Joyful Organizer provides you with expert advice for your home organizing, closet organizing, kitchen organizing, and garage organizing, as well as tips for your time management, email management, and meal planning.

15) List Producer– Paula Rizzo is incredibly organized and makes a list for almost everything she does. This blog will help anyone become more organized, less stressed, empowered, more successful, more efficient, focused, and productive.

16) Ian’s Messy Desk– At Ian’s Messy Desk, Ian McKenzie offers common sense ideas to help you get the most out of the 24 hours in your day.

17) 1-2-3…Get Organized– Time management and organizing expert Beverly Coggins offers her tips for organizing your home, your office, and your time.

18) Productive & Organized– Unleash your profit making potential! Find more time in your day, more space on your desk, and regain the traction you need to move your business forward at this blog.

19) The Organizing Zone Blog– Whether you need help eliminating clutter, creating a new paper management system, reorganizing a home office, setting up a new professional office space, organizing a closet, or orchestrating a move, the professional organizer at New York’s The Organizing Zone has the practical know how and innovative ideas to get the job done.

20) Ready Aim Organize– The mission of this blog is to rid homes and offices of clutter and chaos to ensure time is not wasted and each day is more productive and peaceful than the one before! Learn and share creative time-saving tools to simplify your life.

21) Your Life. Organized.– Monica Ricci, organizing expert, speaker, author and media girl brings you information, insights, and inspiration to help you organize your life.

Lifestyle Design

Leo Babauta, Zen Habits

Leo Babauta, Zen Habits

22) Zen Habits – Zen Habits is about finding simplicity in the daily chaos of our lives. It’s about clearing the clutter so we can focus on what’s important, create something amazing, find happiness.

23) Penelope Trunk Blog– Penelope Trunk is co-founder of Brazen Careerist, a career management tool for next-generation professionals. This is her third startup. Each company Penelope built was focused on a community. Her own career path has had twists and turns, which she documents on this blog.

24) The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss – Timothy Ferriss, nominated as one of Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Business People of 2007” and Forbes Magazine’s “Names You Need to Know in 2011,” is an angel investor and author of the new #1 New York Times bestseller, The 4-Hour Body. This blog is one of Inc. Magazine’s “19 Blogs You Should Bookmark Right Now.”

25) Life-fficient Life-fficient is about life efficiency, living a better life through effectiveness and proficiency. In other words, getting the most out of the resources at your disposal.  Does that sound complicated or dry?  It doesn’t have to be either.

26) Abudance Blog Abundance is achieved through productivity, creativity, and simplifying. Be more productive by doing less while achieving more and by embracing creativity.

27) Life Optimizer Many people live below their maximum potential. While they do achieve things in life, there are still many more they can achieve. Life Optimizer is about living your life to the fullest

28) Illuminated Mind Blogger Jonathan Mead is a coach, barefoot runner and marketer in his mid 20s that helps people identify their passion and get out of the template life style.

29) LifeReboot LifeReboot is a blog about creating positive change in your life. Topics range from big, overwhelming changes like finding a new career path to small, daily changes like forming good habits.

30) Escape from Cubicle Nation Pamela Slim is a seasoned coach and writer who helps frustrated employees in corporate jobs break out and start their own business. Her blog, Escape from Cubicle Nation, is one of the top career and marketing blogs on the web.

31) Scott H Young Scott Young offers over 850 articles devoted to one idea: how to get more from life. Whether that involves doubling your reading rate, learning more with less studying, beating procrastination or just understanding other people — and yourself.

32) Lateral Action Mark McGuinness, a writer and coach running Lateral Action, helps you succeed (however you define success) by getting you to realise that busy does not equal productive or more importantly, innovative.

33) Phil Gerbyshak Make it Great! is not just a statement, it’s a way of life. Focusing on those little things you can do on your personal journey to success.

Personal Productivity

Steve, BripBlap

Steve, BripBlap

34) Brip Blap – Blogger Steve’s goal is to share his views and others’ views on success in every area of life: wealth, work, family, health, happiness and thoughtfulness, including productivity.

35) Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life – Change your thoughts, change your beliefs, and take action on the things you want in life! Steven Aitchison shows you how to get the most from the life you want.

36) David Seah– Dave Seah is a freelance designer-writer-developer living in Southern New Hampshire, whose site has over time become known for its productivity tools, as well as for goofier things like clocks for procrastinators and meat cakes.

37) Scott Berkun– Scott Burkun is a best-selling author and kick-ass speaker. He writes books and essays, lectures at Fortune 500 companies and top universities on creativity, management and a fun mix of everything else.

38) Simple Productivity Blog– LJ Earnest is a blogger constantly on the lookout for new ways to be productive and simplify her life. Simpler = More Productivity = More Time For Her Stuff.

39) The Mindjet Blog– Mindjet provides collaboration and personal productivity solutions that visually connect ideas, information and people to save time, improve business processes and drive innovation.

40) N2Growth Blog– Mike Myatt offers this leadership blog, with insights, commentary and advice on all things related to leadership development. It is where CEOs come to grow.

41) The Positivity Blog– Henrik Edberg is the author of the Simplicity course, The Art of Relaxed Productivity and The Power of Positivity. He writes practical stuff about simplifying your life and improving your social skills, happiness, productivity and awesomeness.

42) Productive Flourishing– The goal of Productive Flourishing is to share information with you that helps you think clearer, ask better questions, and do the things that will enable your flourishing in both life and business.

43) Productivity501– Productivity501 is a site dedicated to bringing you regular tips and tricks to help increase your personal productivity. This site focuses on original content so the publication schedule is a little slower than other blogs out there, but the focus is on posting when they have something that will benefit their readers.

Productivity At Home

Asha Dornfest, Parent Hacks

Asha Dornfest, Parent Hacks

44) Parent Hacks – At Parent Hacks, they’ve got smart tips that help simplify family life, save money, and have fun. Hacks come from parents just like you, because you’re an expert.

45) Organized Home house, cut clutter, and get organized! Blogger Cynthia Ewer shows you how.


Productivity At Work

Steve Roesler, All Things Workplace

Steve Roesler, All Things Workplace

46) All Things Workplace – This blog discusses life at the intersection of people and work…for executives, leaders, employees, and their consultants from Steve Roesler.

47) Productive Writers – John Soares has been a full-time freelance writer since 1994. He’s passionate about helping other freelance writers get more done for more money so you have more time for whatever jazzes you most about life.

48) Productivity Bits – Productivity Bits.Com is an attempt at looking into the everyday life of the knowledge worker. It is about the things that most of us deal with whether in the office or at home-office. Beyond our pursuit of being productive and getting things done are many other aspects of our daily living. This blog is also a venture to deep dive into the mundane life.

Time Management

Paula Eder, The Time Finder

Paula Eder, The Time Finder

49) The Time Finder – Paula Eder believes that the way you use your time is the way you live your life. Find the time you want in her blog, The Time Finder.

50) The Time Diet– The Time Diet is based on the idea that you are the one in control of your time. It is a time management guide designed to give you the tools and motivation to manage your hectic life.

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  127. […] Paula has been featured in several publications including: Whole Living Magazine, Women’s Health Australia, and She’s also the author of Enough Time Mom’s ebook, “10 Lists Every Mom Needs.” Her compulsive list making has earned her CBS New York’s Most Valuable Blogger, KIRO‐FM’s “Blogger of the Week,” and “Top 50 Productivity Blogs 2011.” […]

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