Startup Profile – John Camarillo from CAAZORII

 1) What’s your elevator pitch?

The majority of LapDesks today physically sit on one’s lap for writing, supporting a laptop computer, etc. It literally sits on the lap causing many issues such as heat transfer to the body. The only solutions on the market today are big and not portable, some using fans etc. CAAZORII has solved this problem by reinventing the LapDesk. Our solution has the user working off of his/her lap, so the problem of heat transfer is eliminated completely. In addition, our unique 3 piece user configurable design makes the desk very portable. Since it breaks down and snaps together to a size of: L 10 3/8”- W 13 ¾” – H 9” inches, it is practical to carry around in a bag, or easy to stow at home or in your vehicle.  Lastly it is ultra durable made from ABS plastic, weighs less than 2 lbs, and it is easy to clean.  It is dishwasher safe.

2) How did you get the idea to create the LapDesks?

Originally my brother (founder) needed a toddler seat for a flight between San Diego and Sacramento. He made one out of cardboard and it was then that the idea evolved into the CAAZORII LapDesk. 

3) Who was your first customer and how did the sale happen?

A very close friend of ours had been following our development efforts from the beginning and he wanted to make sure he and his wife were the first persons to buy our LapDesk when available on Amazon. CAAZORII presented them with a certificate of appreciation.

4) How are most people using the LapDesk?

 Since April 2010, we have sold on or donated over a 500 LapDesks.  What is really interesting is to see where our LapDesks have been purchased across the United States with little or no adverting.

5) What has been your proudest moment so far with your business?

Bringing our collective talents together, building a company, and finally placing the product online for sale.   Additionally, we just opened an account with Staples Interior to support a national insurance company.

6) Which is the more popular LapDesk – black or white?

Currently the white version of our LapDesk has been our primary product because the black version did not come out until February of this year.  However, we responded to requests from several customers to produce the LapDesk in black.

7) What are your future plans for the LapDesk?

We are considering snap on accessories such as a cup holder and mouse pad. We also would like to develop a lighter weight desk out of stronger and lighter materials.

8) Where and how can people buy a LapDesk?

The LapDesk is available on and most recently we opened an account with Staples who provides office products to Farmers Insurance.  Farmers Insurance has been purchasing our LapDesk for their field agents.




About John A. Camarillo:

My name is John A. Camarillo, principal of CAAZORII Incorporated, and we have produced the most practical, portable and ergonomic designed “LapDesk” for the consumers today.  Made in the USA, the product was designed and manufactured with the collective insight from my brothers, nephews, son and son in law.  Collectively, we combine over 80 years of technical, financial, operational and sales experience.  Most recently, as a result of consumer feedback, we released our product in both white and black.  We have enjoyed bringing our product to market and we feel confident you will also enjoy the CAAZORII LapDesk.  Take a moment to visit  and feel free to reach out to me at anytime:

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