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Did you ever wonder how you can improve your AdWords campaign performance and save on wasted advertising money? If the answer is yes, and you don’t want to spend countless hours to investigate or pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for an AdWords experts to review your campaigns, then you’ll love WordStream’s new tool!


WordStream’s AdWords Performance Grader

Last week I had the chance to have a call with WordStream’s CEO Larry Kim regarding their new free AdWords tool. On June 2010 Evan covered about WordStream’s keyword  tool and now it’s time to talk about WordStream’s new free tool, the “AdWords Performance Grader”.

As an AdWords campaign manager for, I’m sure that this tool can help reduce wasted advertising spend for a lot of businesses who don’t have the time or skills to optimize their AdWords campaigns.


Fast, secure and a free AdWords evaluation tool

AdWords Performance Grader is a fast and free way to evaluate your AdWords campaign performance. After you submit your AdWords credentials in the secured login form, the tool examines your campaigns and generates a performance report based on comparing your campaigns to thousands of other AdWords accounts with similar advertising budgets.

The AdWords Performance Grader report helps also indentify where and most importantly, how to make improvements.

AdWords Performance Grader reports

To give you a better understanding of how the Adwords Performance Grader can help you improve your campaigns, here’s a quick breakdown of a sample report:

Account Diagnostics: quick summary of your Adwords performance with an overall account grade.

Wasted Spend: the wasted spend is calculated based on the number of negative keywords that’s been added in the past 90 days.

Quality Score: How is your Quality Score compared to other businesses and how much would you save by improving it?

Impression Share: how often are your ads showing for relevant searches and how much more clicks can you expect with improvements?

Click Through Rate: what’s your CTR score and how much more clicks or conversion can you expect with improvements?

Account Activity: how frequently are you working to improve your AdWords account?

Long-Tail Keywords: are you optimizing for long tail keywords?


Text Ads: how many ads are you testing? What’s your best and worst Ad?


Landing Pages: how are your landing pages performing?


Best Practices: fundamental PPC best practices that every AdWords advertiser should follow to manage profitable campaigns.


Give it a try!

After playing around with the AdWords Performance Grader, I can personally recommend this tool to any small or mid-size businesses who are running their own AdWords campaigns and don’t have the skills or additional budget for an Expert to optimize their campaigns.

Visit WordStream’s Adwords page to give the AdWords Performance Grader a try.

If you have any questions or want to share your experience with this awesome free tool, please feel free to use the comment box!

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  1. Victor says:

    Thanks for the great in-depth review Marija!

    Thought I’d plug in that our AdWords Grader won an award at the MITX innovation awards!

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