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Yesterday was the second day of #SESTO and I was excited to start off the day and learn more on Search Engine Strategies!  See below for highlights of the sessions I attended:

Social Media Solutions on a Budget

The first session of the second day was presented by Danny Iny, Co-Founder of Firepole Marketing and Krista Neher, CEO of Boot Camp Digital.

–       Social Media is technically free, so when one says implementing social media solutions on a budget it consists of time commitment

–       Use social media to build three components that companies need to build with their customers:

  • Know you better
  • Like you
  • Trust you!

–       Most believe Twitter and Facebook is the best tools to use in social media, however, there are plenty of other outlets that can help get better results such as:

  • Pinterest
  • Slideshare
  • Scribd
  • Review sites in non obvious categories

–       Social media is one of the only advertising methods that allows a company to have specific targets.  Keep your social media marketing efforts as targeted as possible

–       Use the marketing funnel to help you understand where you want to go with your social media marketing efforts

–       Most social media marketing efforts fail because a conversion funnel is not created, make sure to map it out in detail

–       There are brands out there like Swiffer who rather have their customers tweet or write on Facebook about how much they love using the product instead of spending time and money to get their customers to “like” their Facebook page.  Swiffer may not target a specific group such as men 20-30 which are unlikely to “like” Swiffer’s Facebook page, however they may tweet on their own measures telling their friends how much they love to use the product

–       There are possibilities to build partnerships with other companies that have the same target group as you – that way working together can build and market a larger target group

–        It’s important not to have content just to have it for the sake of content – it’s about being engaged with your target audience

–       http://bit.ly/get-naked – how to create something amazing

–       It is recommended if you don’t have a lot of unique visitors a day to only blog a certain amount of time because, no one is reading your posts.  Use that other time for something more productive

–       Try going to a brand and telling them how wonderful their product or service is and ask to write a review and if they can put it on their blog – that is a good way to get attention from the authoritative brand

–       It’s a good idea to repurpose your content from a blog post into a video etc.

Remarketing/Retargeting Done Right…&Wrong

Dax Hamman, Chief Revebue Officer, Chango and Kevin Lee, CEO, Didit were the presenters at the second session I attended.

–       If you use a CPC you may want to use a pixel measurement to see how many click-throughs you get

–       Success Factor: Considered Purchases: What is the window of opportunity for the buy funnel? The longer your prospects are in the market the more opportunity you have to remarket to them!

–       Think about how much time you have to retarget before you start thinking of ways to target your audience

–       Simple retargeting can be done in Google AdWords

–       Before retargeting it is vital to understand how much each of your target groups cost per impression before you start retargeting

–       Ghostery – Firefox – is a tool that can let you see what cookies your competitors are firing off

–       The seven types of effective retargeting:

  • Search
  • Site
  • Email
  • Contextual
  • Engagement
  • Social

–       Search and Site retargeting work hand in hand and should be dealt with together

From Keywords to “Buy Words”: Finding High-Value Paid Search Keywords

The last session I attended on day 2 of #SESTO was presented by Andrew Goodman, President of Page Zero Media and Matt Van Wagner, President of Find Me Faster.

–       Keyword Primer:

  • Queries vs. Keywords
  • Normalization
  • Keywords Match Types
  • How to control keyword matching into and within your accounts

–       Bing matches keywords to plurals and Google matches to plurals and close matches (which you can opt-out of)

–       Search engines have different rules for ignoring extra spaces, punctuation marks and noise words.  Should you have a “&” or “and” – most punctuation marks are thrown away and not really important

–       There is a difference between Google and Bing – Google is more strict on the keywords and the precision of what is searched

–       The degree of closeness between what users want and the response process you offer them will determine your success

–       What could go wrong before getting to the landing page?

  • Wrong geography
  • Keyword intent is off
  • Ad or listing is ambiguous

–       What you may be doing wrong with adwrods?

  • Too many, stay, unmanageable keywords lurking in long tail ad groups
  • Match type problems overshadow diligent keyword research
  • Constantly reinventing the wheel, scanning search query reports after the fact to discover “converting” keywords
  • Overreacting to isolated conversion events

–       Keyword Selection: Some quirky errors:

  • Majority of intent on queries is informational
  • Breaking new category
  • You’re b2b; too many consumer searches

–       Google is always updating quality score keywords

–       Intent keywords have a higher quality keyword score

It has been another awesome year at #SESTO – thanks to the SES team and to all the experts that shared all their knowledge!

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