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Deb Bixler is a Platinum Author on – to view her articles click here. We asked her how she made her first sale – here’s what she said:

Home Party Plan Success Story

When  I went to my first home party as a guest I had been working in a high stress job for over 30 years. While sitting there I began to realize that all the excitement and fun that I had had on my job but was now wearing me out was going on in the party.

I had been looking for a less stressful job for a couple of years and now here was something very similar to what I already did and it had very little stress.   I decided that it must have been put in front of me for a reason so I had better go for it!

As a new party plan consultant, I was slightly embarrassed of my new profession. I had a 30-year professional career and was embarrassed to be considered a party plan consultant in front of all my friends.

In order to kick off my business, I decided to have 2 shows in my own home instead of asking all my friends if they wanted to host a show.

  • I scheduled two dates: one on a Friday evening and one on a Sunday afternoon.
  • I created the list of my top 100 friends that I had known since kindergarten as instructed by my direct sales company.
  • Instead of asking them to have a show, buy a product or join the company as taught in the literature, I just asked them to come over to help me practice.
  • I sent out invitations to the list and asked everyone that I met over the course of the weeks leading into the “practice shows”.

My mantra was:

“I have just started with MyfantasticCompany and was wondering if you would like to come over on Friday or Sunday and help me practice?

You don’t have to buy anything, just come over for some fun, snacks and to help me practice!”

Home Party Success

Both parties were a great success! I had 17 people on Friday, $550+ in sales, two bookings for future shows. The Sunday afternoon show was even higher sales with standing room only and I even signed up a consultant and booked a couple more shows!

My first sales in my home party plan business were two practice shows of over $1500 in sales.

Team Training Technique

The “practice show” technique became basic new consultant training for all consultants who  joined my team! As a matter of fact I trained my team to have “practice” shows everytime we changed catalogs as a low stress open house so that family and friends do not feel pressured all the time to buy.

“I am making snacks and practicing my new show since our new catalogs start next week, would you like to come over and help me practice?”

Deb Bixler is one of the most recognized educators worldwide in the direct sales industry. After quitting her full time job using her party plan business she became a top achiever in the company and a globally recognized trainer.

She was the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance 2011 Speaker of the Year and manages the largest free party plan training center on the web!

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About Deb:

Deb Bixler is a Direct Sales – Home Party Plan Educator and trainer.

Deb is the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance 2011 Speaker of the year and is recognized globally as one of the most influential professionals in the direct sales industry. Invite Deb to present a direct sales seminar for your sales team or utilize the many free services at the party plan training center.

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