Roy Osing’s #1 Tip for Entrepreneurs

roy osingRoy Osing is a Gold author on – to view his articles click here.  We asked him for his #1 Tip for Entrepreneurs, here is what he said:

#1 Tip: BE DiFFERENT or be dead

There is a plethora of good business ideas out there being produced by many smart people.

The challenge, however, is how to make YOUR idea a successful one. The one that people salivate over. The one that captures their imagination. The one that takes their breath away.

My BE DiFFERENT or be dead Principle is simple and is the basis of creating a successful entrepreneur:
“Create Value that is Relevant (something people CARE about) and Unique (something that ONLY you do)”
Value? What you DO for people; not what you produce, supply or push to the market.The benefits you give to people. The emotion you elicit. The memories you create. The experiences you cause to happen.
Value has little to do with technology and the whiz-bang things it can do. If technology doesn’t evoke emotion or satisfy a craving, it’s worth nothing.
Value is NOT flogging your product or service to the masses. If you want to intrude on and interrupt people, choose this strategy. But you won’t last long.

Relevance? Talk to the critical few things that are important to your target customer. Things they care about. Things that evoke an emotional response. Speak to them directly and intimately.
Avoid the temptation to push your Agenda on the crowd. This is a lazy marketing tactic with no positive return on investment. Sure, your message might illicit a positive response from a few people, but the more likely outcome is that most of the crowd will be annoyed that you injected yourself into their space, or will ignore you. Speak to what people desire not what you want to flog.

Uniqueness? Be the ONLY one that does what you do.  The ultimate manifestation of being unique is the ability to create my ONLY Statement:
“We are the ONLY ones that…”.
You don’t want to be best, #1 or excellent. These are a aspirations at best and give your audience no specific reason why they should do business with you as opposed to anyone else.The Herd speaks in grandiose vague terms. Don’t go there.
Here’s an ONLY example that I like:

“  is the ONLY company offering a full range of insulin pump therapy products, education, support and diabetes Business Development.
We ONLY serve Pharmacy.
We are Powered by Pumpers.” — Melany Hellstern, CEO,, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Don’t fall victim to the Grim Reaper and risk failing like many in The Entrepreneurial Herd.
Break-away. Stand-out. BE DiFFERENT.

About Roy:

royA leading executive in the Canadian telecommunication industry and a recognized bloggerspeakerseminar leaderbusiness consultanteducatorand personal coach, Roy Osing’s career spans over three decades of singular achievement.

Osing knows what it takes for businesses to survive in today’s chaotic times and achieve extraordinary levels of performance. As the former Chief Marketing Officer of TELUS and current president and CEO of the consulting firm Brilliance for Business, Osing brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the complex challenges businesses face in the contemporary global economy.

Roy is an Advisor to both businesses as well as not-for-profit organizations. He provides not only personal Executive Coaching, but also leadership in Strategic Game Plan creation using his BE DiFFERENT Principles and Practices.

He is actively “spreading his word” work through Workshop Events, Keynote Addresses, Media Exposure and Advisor Engagements.

In addition, Roy regularly publishes Blog Articles on his BE DiFFERENTPractices to help organizations better understand and implement his ideas.

A graduate of the University of British Columbia with degrees in mathematics and computer science, Osing is founding chair and president of the British Columbia Quality Council. He is a former member of the board of directors of the Vancouver Board of Trade, the British Columbia Technology Industry Association, the British Columbia Cancer Foundation, and the British Columbia & Yukon Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Most recently he has been appointed Board Advisor to SoMedia Networks, a pioneer in the creation of cloud-based video production services on a global scale.

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