John Perrin’s #1 Tip for Entrepreneurs: Setup a sales strategy.

john perrinJohn Perrin is a Gold author on – to view his articles click here. We asked him for his #1 Tip for Entrepreneurs, here is what he said:

Number one tip for entrepreneurs

Unfortunately my number one tip isn’t going to be about the general entrepreneur consensus of break things and move fast or have all night hackathon sessions to create the next big app.

It’s boring but the reality of it is sales is actually the only reason you look for growth in business, it’s the reason you’re still running today and hopefully 3 years down the road. Many entrepreneurs (mostly in the tech sector) seek growth figures by number of sign-ups, downloads, returns, visits etc forgetting that the end goal of every single one of these numbers is the number of sales made.

Put it simply without sales you’ll never see growth or at least struggle with it, not for getting the endless pits of debts that accompany a business with no sales. What makes a sales strategy or focus great is that it’s so malleable it can be aligned to match any new product or pivot you choose.

Setting up a sales strategy outline early is a good practice to get into as time progresses and your business expands you’ll have very little time to consider how you should be structuring the process. Last year David Sacks, much to my delight, said this “When we first started, I had this naive view that sales would just take care of itself–people would just pull out their company credit card and buy.”  – in this article.

What pleased me was the fact that someone in the Silicon Valley hype realised that sales was a fundamental part of the company’s survival but David also mentioned that he was in fact naïve about it all.

Put it this way, if you’re an entrepreneur that’s building something which will without doubt seek investors in the future you’ll be far, far better off having a solid sales strategy than nothing at all. Sure having investors on board who know the in’s & outs of sales is going to be great but why not give yourself a head start and give the investors a reason to jump and shout – solid facts, data and numbers will always over power a dream.

Consider a sales strategy/revenue plan as a piece of mind for both you and any potential investors as you seek growth. Like many startups and entrepreneurs a new company is solely about growth but finding that may be harder than it seems, you’ll then have an awesome sales strategy gliding in the background ready to step in.

Think you can grow without sales? Chances are it’ll be nearly impossible. Think about the sales strategy early; just create a simple outline that doesn’t revolve around your enthusiasm for product or company.

You’ll be the number one sales person for your company for some time time but again this is only a short term strategy, think like a corporate company but act like an agile startup – once you start bringing people on board you’ll have a complete layout for exponential growth through a brilliant sales strategy.

About John:

John Perrin is the Owner & Director of Tactical Sales Training where we offer courses in sales management trainingtelesales training, field sales & be spoke training courses. Founded Solid Solutions Management in 1998 with the aim of capitalising on the significant market opportunity for next generation CAD solutions. Became the UK’s leading SolidWorks reseller in 2003 and has since remained the UK’s No.1 SolidWorks reseller. SSM is now one of the top 10 global SolidWorks resellers, from a population of 350 companies. Revenue in 2009 10 Million Successfully exited business in May 2010.  I’m a highly motivated sales trainer who specialises in helping B2B Sales Professionals take their performance from good to great. I convey proven, exceptionally effective selling methods that cut to the quick and consistently yield superb results. I’ve worked with businesses throughout the world to successfully overcome the various challenges that they face in their market place.

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