How do you do it?

Where do you find the strength to do all these big things?

That’s a question that came in from Twitter.

The answer is simple.

If you want to have strength and feel more energy, stop working on projects that bring you down.

That suck your energy.

That drain your life force.

If you’re forcing yourself to do something, stop.

Get rid of it.

This is not your path.

You won’t build anything great by repeatedly doing things that you hate.

Instead focus on what gives you energy.

Things you look forward to.

Projects you actually enjoy.

Running a business is brutally hard – you might as well be doing something you actually like.

Here’s my process:

Like most entrepreneurs I like starting projects.

I like the new.

I love the challenge.

It’s fun.

……. and then I get bored of it.

I build things up myself, investing typically no money and only my time.

You don’t need money to do something amazing, just heart.

I see how far along it is by the time I get bored.

And then I decide to kill the project or hand it off to someone to run with.

I do this over, and over, and over again.

It’s a process, and it works.

Sometimes I get bored after an hour and stop.

Sometimes it lasts for weeks or months.

Some projects I haven’t gotten tired of all yet.

As soon as I get tired of something, my productivity and the quality of output drops.

My happiness level, energy, and strength drop off too.

Better to move on to something else.

And either I’ve taken it far enough along that someone else can take over for me and it’ll help my business….

Or it’s still too experimental and it’s not worth continuing to invest in.

But move on.

When you don’t bring passion anymore to your business everybody suffers.

Your customers won’t be as responsive, your team won’t be as productive, your family will notice that you’re not happy.

It’s too important to your own life and the people around you that you stop doing things you hate and focus on projects that you love.

It’s ok to change

I’m not doing the same things I was over a decade ago when I started this company.

Everybody changes

Wrigley’s started off as a soap company.

BMW started off as an airplane manufacturer.

Lamborghini started off selling tractors.

You will change too.

You have to change.

So the next time you find yourself doing something for too long and finding that your energy and strength are gone…

Think about what excites you.

And go do that.

Amazing things will come out of it.



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