What’s the easiest way to generate leads for service based businesses?

We asked some of our top Experts for advice on “What would be in your opinion the easiest way to generate leads for service based businesses?”. Here is what they said:

Expert advise from Leanne Hoagland-Smith Just be valuable by living your positive core values through giving first before any expectations of receiving. When we appreciate people first as people, then they will begin to know and trust us which is the first sales buying rule. – Leanne Hoagland-Smith

Expert advise from Barry Maher There’s no marketing anywhere nearly as powerful as a satisfied client. Or as cheap. Do the best possible job for the clients you already have and they’re likely to recommend you to business that are similar to their own. And you’ll get more of the customers you want the most. – Barry Maher

Expert advise from Richard Gee Action a e-news to all on your database full of stories of success you have done, go talk to networking groups about tories of success and then invite leads to get the same skills treatment. – Richard Gee

Expert advise from Stanley Moss The classic lead-generation strategy is to network off existing satisfied customers. Ideally the scenario works like this: ask those who already know and understand you for referrals, and incentivize the process for them. Offer discounts, benefits or bonuses for sharing names. You have a built-in brand ambassador who can validate your service from the moment it’s introduced. The cost of getting new business is so high by any other means that the economics of positive referrals yields the highest returns by a longshot. – Stanley Moss

Expert advise from Nadia Kuznets The easiest way to generate leads for service based business is by advertising on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Companies can gain leads by offering a discount with sign up or a free gift with sign up. – Nadia Kuznets

Expert advise from Charles Parten 1)Leverage their past successes (xactly what past clients received, their take-a-ways which they would tell others about). 2)Offer a ‘test drive’ of their services at no cost. 3) guanantee successful outcomes or ‘money back’…..period! – Charles Parten

Expert advise from Stephen Goldberg Sit down with your clients and ask them what they like about your services. Ask them for their help to refer you to other business owners who would like to have the same benefits. Discuss the selection with them. The goal is to generate 3-5 leads per client this way. – Stephen Goldberg

Expert advise from Nicole Beckett Guest blogging. Publishing high-quality articles on authoritative websites in your niche is like getting ahold of a microphone in theater full of customers. You get to show off your expertise, which is exactly what buyers are looking for! – Nicole Beckett

Expert advise from Scott Simmerman One of the best ways is to enlist your customers in your quest for new business. And one simple way to do that is to give them 3 or 4 of your business cards when you finish your work with the “embedded command” that they will surely have someone ask who has done that work for them and to please give them one of your cards. Many people will not immediately toss them and some will most certainly pass the word. The easiest sale in the world comes from referrals from your more-than-satisfied customers. Plus, focus on exceeding the expectations you set. – Scott Simmerman

Expert advise from Kathleen Gage One of the best ways to generate leads via the Internet is to host a teleseminar on a high value topic for your market. Utilize as many ways as possible to market such as social media, Facebook advertising, affiliates and media releases. Offline a great way to capture leads is to host a complimentary presentation and require attendees sign up via an opt in page. Local businesses may be interested in sponsoring the event. You can make help with promotions a requirement for sponsorship. – Kathleen Gage

Expert advise from Jason Fox Right now the easiest way to generate leads for a service based business is to create a landing page with a compelling piece of content that is given away in exchange for a an email address. Create a Facebook Ad Campaign and run an ad with a 403px by 403px image that relates to the landing page and is compelling in some manner; funny, beautiful, interesting. Ask people to like the image or a statement about the image and add a link to the landing page if they are interested in learning more about the subject. – Jason Fox

Expert advise from Terri Levine Create short videos with content to show you an expert Don’t sell- teach. Transcribe the videos. Use them as articles and blog posts. Set up landing pages. Give away content in videos. Drive all your social media traffic OFF social media and to your landing pages to receive your FREE valuable content. – Terri Levine

Expert advise from Patricia Lotich Service based businesses depend on positive word-of-mouth from customers to grow. People purchase from organizations that their friends endorse, and in today’s world of social media, having a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are critical to success. – Patricia Lotich

Expert advise from Dave Ferguson Hands down, the easiest (well maybe not the easiest but the best way) to generate leads in a service based business (aren’t they all?), is to network and network smart. Show up, be interested in people and their businesses. Don’t go to sell what you have. Go to build relationships that you can profit both personally and professionally from. But remember network has the word work in it. You have to show up and work! – Dave Ferguson

Expert advise from Brett Fisher Having worked in the lead gen business for over 15 years, I can say in confidence that search engine optimization and PPC advertising are the best lead gen venues. Using analytics and SEM tools, investments are easy to track/measure and high ROI is attainable, providing that PPC/SEO experts are hired. – Brett Fisher

Expert advise from brian bijdeveldt The easiest way to get leads for service businesses is to form alliance/referral relationships with associated non competitive businesses. This can lead to Host/beneficiary mail outs,co-op marketing and joint webinars. If the budget is there then paid social media (PPC) advertising can build leads lists quickly. – brian bijdeveldt

Expert advise from Davida Yemi-Akanle Having a good referral network is the easiest way to get pre qualified leads for a service based business: make a lot of the right types of friends; join the right types of groups; let people know what you are doing; keep in touch and keep them informed; give referrals. – Davida Yemi-Akanle

Expert advise from Sarah Arrow Create the content that demonstrates your expertise and then share it where your prospects hang out. Capture the prospects data (email) and then start building a great friendship with them. By being useful and at the top of their mind, when you send them details of an offer they’ll think of you first. – Sarah Arrow

Expert advise from Thomas Varghese If you’re looking for a consistent source of lead generation, I recommend SEO. It may not be the easiest as the setup takes time but once it is up on rankings, the leads keep coming (with on going SEO). Other than that, the easiest way would be to get out there and network. I would start with some local networking opportunities. – Thomas Varghese

Expert advise from Gary Bizzo Using word of mouth is effective when you offer valuable current customers a chance to win a prize or give them a valuable coupon for referring qualified leads. Referred leads are 85% more effective. – Gary Bizzo

Expert advise from Joellyn Sargent Hands down, the best way to generate leads for service businesses is to ask for referrals. Make it a habit to let clients, friends, associates, and vendors know you appreciate their referrals and introductions. Referrals are free and provide instant credibility, delivering the best ROI of any marketing effort around. – Joellyn Sargent

Expert advise from Abby Evans The easiest way to generate leads for service based businesses, assuming you’re talking about local since most service based businesses are, would be to use targeted Facebook ads. You’ll have to play around with the creative and A/B test it and the offer in order to maximize leads. But the targeting on demographics and location is great with Facebook! – Abby Evans

Expert advise from Justine Parsons Participating in LinkedIn discussions are a great way of increasing your online presence and showcasing your expertise. Be helpful, be consistent, be sincere and don’t ever self promote. In turn you’ll be surprised at the leads that start to trickle in. – Justine Parsons

Expert advise from Deb Calvert Earn and ask for referrals. Quality service should always be followed by a request for referrals. Leave behind extra business cards and consider offering an incentive for referrals, too. This boosts word of mouth and turns your customers into business partners. – Deb Calvert

Expert advise from Anil Kumar Pammidimukkala Lead generation pressures have always plagued marketers worldwide, however with the digital space changing standards twice a year has only added to the woes. Isn’t time time be become search engine friendly instead of wasting time trying to beat the algorithms. More at http://www.evancarmichael.com/SEO/5354/What-would-be-in-your-opinion-the-easiest-way-to-generate-leads-for-service-based-businesses.html – Anil Kumar Pammidimukkala

Expert advise from Jason Berek-Lewis A Searching for relevant keywords on Twitter, reaching out to Tweeters and asking how you can help solve the challenge/ answer the question they tweeted. Welcome to real time lead generation in 140 characters or less. – Jason Berek-Lewis

Expert advise from Genie Gilliam The fastest way to generate leads would be to ask business connections to introduce you to someone who could benefit from a free 30 minutes of consulting time. – Genie Gilliam

Expert advise from Hussain Zaidi Service-based businesses can generate leads effectively by offering to provide a sample of services free of charge for readers. This can be a first step that provides valuable education for new customers and allows the business to qualify new prospects as well. – Hussain Zaidi

Expert advise from Daniel Omede In my opinion the best way to generate leads would be through a combination of methods depending on the sector; for an IT business the best would be SEO( Search Engine Optimisation ) and utilsation of social media platforms. – Daniel Omede

Expert advise from Tom Evans Perform one random act of networking kindness a day. For example, I ask new connections that intrigue me what I can do for them that will make their week but only take a minute of my time. For many, just to be asked is enough. – Tom Evans

Expert advise from William Seidman Build intense customer loyalty from your current customers — loyalty that brings current customers back and acts as a referal service for others. In working with sales and service stars, being “present” with the customer to really understand and meet their needs is the biggest factor in creating sustained loyalty. – William Seidman

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