The Top 50 Technology Blogs to Watch in 2014

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1) Tech Blog– is a Technology analysis blog which showcases amazing insights of IT Industry.

2)– Helping you learn more about computers and technology every day with how-to guides, tips and advice, all covered in plain English.

3) Tech Buzz Online – Tech Buzz Online is a technology blog that features news, tutorials, reviews and tips on tech gadgets, mobile, gaming, laptops and tablets. You can learn a lot of tips on general technology as well.

4) Bandwidth Blog – Award winning technology news blog publishing South African and global internet company news. +Video Interviews, Office Photos, Hands on Gadget Reviews and Insight.

5) aczafra – This blog is owned and maintained by Arnold C. Zafra, a part-time tech blogger/writer from Manila, Philippines.

6) Techclickr – is current technology news covering blog which makes the readers to get update with news trending in tech world.

7) – Kris Cain love of gadgets, social media, and anything else that crosses her mind.

8) LineshJose.Com – This is my first blog and here you can find free WordPress themes, plugins, latest tech news and some web development tutorials for beginners.

9) The iPhone App Review – iPhone and iPad Application News and Reviews.

10) AppleNApps – Offers the most current, critical, concise, and consistent app reviews around.

11) gizmofusion – Its the “fusion” of technology where our users can read and discuss all things tech!

12) – Is a blog that comments about matters relating to the internet industry, largely in the UK. Subjects include regulatory issues, technology related matters especially relating to broadband, mobility and “the cloud”.

13) fanappic – We are a community of iPhone/iPad enthusiasts recommending some great new apps and sharing our experiences.

14) BlogSaays – Blogsaays is multipurpose technological blog, basically created to share tips, tricks and Open education concepts of various computer technology,which will enhance the knowledge of every person who visit us! We not only provide technological content’s but also create direct interaction with our readers by using polls & social trends.

15) GadgetsBoy – GadgetsBoy is a website dedicated to gadgets, technology. We review them, take them apart in some cases, test them and bring you latest news.

16) Simon Blog – Simon Blog is dedicated to cover iPhone jailbreak techniques, firmware upgrade procedures, iPhone news and application reviews.

17) CMS Report – The primary focus of this site is Web content management systems (CMS) as well as on the people that are involved developing and using content management solutions.

18) LiewCF, the Malaysian Tech Blogger – LiewCF Tech Blog ( is a popular tech blog in Malaysia about the latest news in Technology, Web, Social Media, Applications, Gadgets, etc. The blog provides reliable product reviews and useful tips and tutorials.

19) TechieStuffs – Techie stuffs an accidental website as referred by the founder is an another venture of future tech Innovations which is led by patrol of young engineering students.

20) iMacify – iMacify is a comprehensive technology blog presented in a simple and understandable format.

21) Techinfo4u – Techinfo-4u is a Tech site, supplying you with the latest in Tech News as well as some handy tips and guides.

22) – is an independent blog about all forms of wireless communications. Unassociated with any business or marketing organization, it covers a broad spectrum of wireless news.

23) Lifestyle Gadget Blog – is a blog that covers modern accessories and interesting gadgets designed to improve our lifestyles. Here you can discover gift ideas, shopping tips, useful gadgets, and others.

24) UKMobileReview – UK Mobile Review focuses on Android, iOS and Windows Phone as well as the UK networks and retailers.

25) Tech on the Go –  Tech on the Go brings you news, reviews and opinions on all forms of mobile technology, primarily UK focused but covering International news that does, or will, affect the UK.

26) Firstain – To provide knowledge to the public about the latest happenings around the world, especially in the field of technology, internet, vehicles and sports.

27) IT Security Column – This is a IT security blog that features the general knowledge of IT security, online crime news, the tips on how to deal with online or computer threats, listing of information security threats and defenses and security software reviews.

28) MyTechBlog – Tutorials on a wide range of technology topics, what is articles and the views and options of John Wheal.

29) SparkyHub – SparkyHub is growing source for Web Developers, Web Designers, Photographers, & Technology Lovers.Our aim is to provide latest Technology News, Reviews & we share premium tips, tutorials, tools, web apps and resources.

30) TopTrix– A blog where you will find useful tips, tricks, how to guides, must have list of applications, web browsing ideas about Windows and  Android OS, eBooks, image editing, PDF, Firefox and chrome extensions and much more for your daily computing needs.

31) clickdex – Clickdex is a question and answer site about technology

32) – tech blog that focuses on news and reviews about softwares, web applications, blogging, money making tips and more.

33) Techie Inspire – Techie Inspire is a technology blog that features on latest technology, how-to-guides, computer latest tricks, mobile tricks, latest hacking stuff, new tricks, ubuntu, internet, And much more.

34) MobileGroove – Outstanding editorial content and promotes custom research on behalf of global clients and industry organizations including the Mobile Marketing Association.

35) `Aging In Place Technology Watch – A market research firm that provides thought leadership, analysis, and guidance about technologies and related services that enable boomers and seniors to remain longer in their home of choice.

36) IT Rush – We love to explore not just Gadgets but also sites that offers inspirations, enjoyment and laughter most especially when we unwind

37) Digital Conqurer – We are one of the top tech blogs – who writes detailed smartphone reviews, App reviews and most of general gadget reviews that you use.

38) Land of Technology – We are a website dedicated to bringing you the latest technology news from around the world

39) TechBurgh – We give you the tech information you can use. The tech information that you need.

40) Sizzling Magazine – Is a Proper Web Magazine and a blog which is dedicated to Technology Geeks, Designers, Web-Developers, Internet Marketers and Bloggers.

41) Girls ‘n’ Gadgets – Girls ‘n’ Gadgets is an award winning Web and Tech news/review site for women, by women.

42) Christopher Kusek, Technology Evangelist – is devoted to all things technology with a focus on innovation

43) – This site offers Tutorials, News, Reviews, and Helpful Productivity Tips on Computers, Gadgets, the Internet, and Cyberculture. The goal is to help you get things done with some time left over for fun.

44) JetLaw – JETLaw is an academic journal focusing on the nexus of entertainment, technology, and law.

45) Digital Cupcake. – To bring you the latest news in technology and gadgets, fully embracing information, tips and news from numerous tech forums online.

46) Enterprise Apps – Enterprise AppsTech is a practical resource for business app developers; operators and hardware manufacturers; CIOs; CTOs; business IT and mobilisation professionals, delivering the most insightful, informative and up to the minute blog and news content from around the web.

47) iphonemy – iPhoneMY is a weblog with daily coverage of all things Apple. iOS and Mac news, reviews, rumors, tutorials. Written by the Apple obsessed, to the Apple obsessed. iPhoneMY was launched in May 2010.

48) techAloud – News, Reviews and Analysis of the latest gadgets and information about upcoming new ones. Get acquainted with new emerging technologies from around the world.

49) Gigadgetry – Gigadgetry is an up-and-coming tech blog that features daily content featuring the latest cool gadgets, tech news, and quirky devices.

50) Blog – Eric D. Brown – An accomplished Technology Leader with more than 20 years’ experience leading cross-functional teams.  My experience includes managing large geographically dispersed teams and projects covering technology, marketing, software development and social media.

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