Top 50 Blogs for Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2014

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1) Marketing Mojo for Small Business – At Webs, we combined our website building savvy with our affinity for small businesses to create the most popular website building and hosting solution for entrepreneurs.

2) Big Ideas Blog

1) Smart Passive Income –  If you’re already doing business online, I hope that my experiences – both my wins and my failures – can help you reach your goals.

2) Small Business Trends – Small Business Trends is the premier source of information, breaking news and advice covering issues of key importance to small businesses.

3) Clarity – To help you easily connect with the best experts from around the world when you need them most.

4) Maven Link – Level the playing field for service businesses with enterprise-grade growth management software and expertise, empowering companies worldwide to work faster and smarter.

5)  Startups – The UK’s leading independent, online resource for anyone starting and growing a business.

6) The Start Up Donut – Helping businesses to succeed by providing reliable information and resources that can save business owners time and money.

7) Chris Brogan – Helping you improve your worth by growing your capabilities and connections.

8.) BizFilings – Our comprehensive services, exceptional value and experienced team make us your ideal partner—for incorporation and beyond.

9) Location 180 – Building a business you can run from anywhere on Earth and Living a life worth writing about.

10)  Live Your Legend – This site is built around the belief that the world would be an altogether different place if we all did work that actually mattered to us.

11) Jerome Katz’s Entrepreneurship Blog – General flunky in the main family business, traveling auto parts salesman in another family business, occasional (and usually awful) musician, occasional (and almost equally awful) poker player.

12) Business Opportunities Weblog – Helped thousands of individuals in their quest for self-employment and business ownership. Our mission is simple: to help entrepreneurs like yourself find the business that’s right for YOU!

13) MyCorporation – Leading provider of online document filing services for clients who wish to form a corporation or limited liability company.

14) – AboutOurWork is a small business network built to predict & identify potential business-to-business opportunities within the small business community.

15) Franchisegator – We offer one of the largest directories of Franchise and Business Opportunities on the internet.

16) StartupTunes – An exclusive Web2.0 Startups review blog.  Startups which have a great chance to become a successful one is our primary interest.

17) The App Entrepreneur – Leading Technology platform for iPhone, Android and all other Mobile technologies for Application Entrepreneurs, who are looking for innovative concepts, application reviews or any other sort of assistance regarding application development.

18) CEO Blog Nation – CEO Blog Nation is a community of blogs for entrepreneurs and business owners.

19) Global Startups – Create an online platform for profiling the statups and make an interactive startup ecosystem around the globe.

20) Epic Launch – EpicLaunch is a blog for young entrepreneurs that provides outstanding tips for advancing your entrepreneurial career.

21) Utibe Etim – Website that is dedicated to Business Opportunities, grants, business plan and youth empowerment and Technology.

22) Software By Rob – Write about topics that affect software and web startups of all sizes, but mostly relating to startups you can fund yourself.

23) Startup Britain – National campaign by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, harnessing the expertise and passion of Britain’s leading businesspeople to celebrate, inspire and accelerate enterprise in the UK.

24) Global Entrepreneurship Week – Global Entrepreneurship Week is the world’s largest celebration of the innovators and job creators who launch startups that bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare.

25) Think Entrepreneurship – Help entrepreneurs and small business owners start and grow their business.

26) College Fall out – Create a community and space for articles on startups and entrepreneurship.

27) EH Entrpreneur Handbook – Entrepreneur Handbook is a publisher dedicated to providing authoritative and expert content aimed at supporting those starting, running or working in small businesses across the world.

28) Women’s Network Australia Blog – Australia’s leading organisation for women in business.

29) NAWBO – The unified voice of America’s more than 10 million women-owned businesses representing the fastest growing segment of the economy.

30) Erin Blaskie Digital Strategies – Creating gorgeous websites, producing effective marketing copy, streamlining a business’ processes and all things in between.

31) Brad Aronson Blog – Writing practical tips for entrepreneurs.

32) JuniorBiz – JuniorBiz is a site that can help any and all entrepreneurs, but we focus on the young ones.

33) Global Entrepreneurship Week – lobal Entrepreneurship Week is the world’s largest campaign to promote entrepreneurship. Each year, it plays a critical role in encouraging the next generation of entrepreneurs to consider starting up their own business.

34) @myasmine – Adventures of an entrepreneur trying to make a difference in the world

35) The Blog of Jun Loayza – My blog is unique because it’s NOT about the final destination of selling your company for millions of dollars; instead, I focus on the journey that takes you there.

36) Young Go Getter – Daily read for you and enables you to develop contacts and businesses that you normally wouldn’t.

37) Red Blog – Espouse the importance of setting clear goals, designing an efficient strategy and ongoing monitoring.

38) Hi, I’m Alex Hillman – I help people who care about collaboration, coworking, culture, communities, and the future of work.

39) Ryan Stephens Marketing – Strategic consulting and professional development entity that specializes in relationship marketing for the small business owner.

40) Rapid Innovation Group – Our mission is to build client value while mitigating both market and people risk. We work together with our clients to validate business models, develop scalable revenue-winning capabilities, and engineer transformational deals.

41) Eddies Blog – Building the World without Offices

42) – Aaltoes stands for Aalto Entrepreneurship Society, the largest and most active student-run entrepreneurship community in Europe.

43) The Entrepreneurial Mother – Provides education, information and mentoring support, but does not do the work for you.

44) The blog of Jonathan Weinstock – Helping businesses ‘GROW WILDLY’ and inspiring others to be better, do better and achieve their potential so they can live a happy and successful life.

45) Julian Hall the Ultrapreneur  – Expert in all aspects of online marketing including social media, search, email, usability and development.

46) Lara Morgan – Focused on improving businesses, onceself and maximizing once potential.

47) – Cover such topics as the latest laws surrounding digital marketing, as well as multi-channel marketing and new marketing technologies.

48) Robert Ashton – Discover useful tips and advice for starting your business or organisation

49) Jan’s Blog – Dyslexia training, dyslexia research and consultancy on dyslexia for the business community in Scotland and beyond.

50) – Focus on business development and marketing, client management, and day to day operations.





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    Awesome list! I’m just starting out (recently completed an seo course) and am grateful you’ve put together these resources.

  2. In providing this level of information you have saved me hours of research , thanks

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