Do you #Believe enough in you today?

I see it all the time. People with an insane about of talent, genius, and abilities… and you sit on your genius because you just don’t believe in yourself enough.

You are not serving yourself, your community, or the world with this attitude.

Here’s the unlock for you:

Think about the last time you felt unstoppable confidence. The last time you had an idea that you felt could have a huge impact and change your life forever.

Got it? Now think about what you were doing just before you had that confidence.

Were you watching a YouTube video? Reading a book? Having a conversation? Going for a walk? Doing a meditation? Hugging your cat in the sun? What specifically were you doing?

The problem is not that you don’t know how to believe in yourself, you just don’t have that belief consistency. And consistency is the name of the game of success.

And the good news is you know how to get that confidence (see above). Now instead of having those things that make you feel bold accidentally and occasionally fall into your life, you bring them with intention into your day.

Most people wake up like and accident and fall into their life.

Stop that.

Plan your day with intention. If you started your day with the things that made you feel unstoppable boldness every morning for the next year, you may not go out and win every day, but I guarantee you that your life would be unrecognizable one year from today.


photo credit: @iamyougottalove


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I #Believe in entrepreneurs.
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