Caption this picture! Let’s see what kind of creativity you have today :)


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  1. Good morning Evan,

    We wrote book a about my son Malakii who is special needs and I was told when he was born that he would not make it 3 months, today he is 7 years old and will be 8 in April. I was able to get Make-A-Wish Foundation to help me create it and finish it and we had a release party. The wish was that it goes all around the world. His book was inspired by his Big Brother’s Zamarii Englin. I remember the day that Zamarii came into the house and told me that he wanted to play with his brother just like all the other brothers and sisters in the neighborhood. I could see the Brokenness in his eyes and I knew I had to do something fast. I told him I don’t know when or if you will ever be able to play with him but why don’t you draw pictures of all the things that you would do with your brother if you could. He sat down at the table and began to draw before I knew it I had a stack of pictures that he drew of all the adventures that he would go on with his brother if he could. At that point I made a promise the promise was we would make it into a book and publish it. Being the fact that my one word is believe, I still believe to this day and it has been three years since we started this journey. I’m coming to you to ask you for your help, I’m asking you if you can help us get the word out about their book. These are wonderful children and I have kept going because I want to show them that believing is powerful. If you are interested, you can go on my Facebook and see more of our story. Thanks

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  3. When your dab so strong and the marketing budget spilt over into the coffe budget. ☕️

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