My Favorite Tools


I’ve always been a big fan of eliminating, automating and delegating my tasks to allow me to focus on the projects that I like the most and add the most value to my business. Along my entrepreneurial path I’ve discovered a number of tools to help me be more productive and work smarter instead of harder. I’d like to share them with you so you can also benefit from them!



Planning Your Business

booksEntrepreneurs usually don’t put enough time into planning their businesses before they launch. It’s no wonder up to 80% of new startups fail! A great place to start is by picking up a few business books. Here’s a picture of me with some of my collection (full size picture here). They’ll also keep you motived when times get tough!


Take the Free Business Plan e-Course

Business-Plan-WorkbookThis is a step by step plan sent over 7 days to help you create your business plan. It includes: The 6 Steps to Get Your Business Plan Started, The 8 Common Business Plan Mistakes You Want to Avoid, and The Worst Executive Summary I Have Ever Read. Cost: free!  Learn more.


How to Find Your Passion Worksheet

PassionThis worksheet will help you find a business idea that will excite you, challenge you, and give your life a greater sense of meaning and purpose. Oh, and it can also help make you a lot of money too. Fill it out and if you have any questions just let me know! Learn more.



Launching Your Business

computerLaunching a new business is exciting and scary all rolled into one. Here’s a picture of me shortly after launching my Facebook Page (full size picture here). I’m going to share some of my favorite resources online and offline for getting your business launched! Leave a comment below if you have others to add to the list.


Buy a Domain Name: GoDaddy

GoDaddyLow cost, good service, easy to understand interface. They also provide suggestions for domain names if the one you want is taken. They try to upsell you like crazy though. I only use them for domains. Cost: depends on .com versus other extensions but they are always very price competitive. Learn more.


Host Your Website: BounceWeb

BounceWebI struggled with bad hosts and had my server go down many times on one of the world’s ‘best’ hosting firms. I switched to BounceWeb and have had a stellar experience – they have shared and dedicated servers. Cost: depends on how much you need. What I use: I spend $500 / month with them. Learn more.


Outsource Your Graphic Design: 99designs

99designsOutsourced low cost graphic design for your logo, website, business cards, etc. People from all over the world submit their designs (not portfolios, actual finished designs for you!), you give them feedback, and pick the winner. Cost: starts at $95 for some designs and goes up from there. Learn more.


Outsource Everything Else: oDesk

oDeskOutsource almost any business task. See people’s ratings from previous contracts & look at their test scores to see how they rank. oDesk will also track their time for you and take screenshots of their computers as they work. Cost: starts at $1 / hour. What I use: I’ve hired people for computer work and marketing support. Learn more.

More Videos


Finding a worker on oDesk – Ask Evan


Form or Join a Mastermind Group

Mastermind-GroupI created 2 groups of entrepreneurs that meet once per month to discuss our businesses, share ideas, and help each other grow. Try to start one or join one in your community. It’s a great motivational boost every month. Cost: varies from group to group. What I use: My groups are $500 / year for Toronto entrepreneurs. Learn more.



Running Your Business

Evan DeskHere’s what my desk looks like (full size picture here). I run my business completely through online tools and software which keeps my desk clean (apart from the occasional book). Below are my favorite tools that I use to run my business. I hope you find them useful and make a few new discoveries!


Automate Your Admin Tasks:  QuickBooks

QuickbooksStop spending your time on admin and focus on what you do best. My favorite feature: ability to download VISA and bank statements right into the software – bookkeeping / accounting now takes me just 20 minutes once per quarter. Learn more.


Sync,Share, and Backup Folders: DropBox

DropBoxAwesome tool to help you share folders with colleagues. I also use it to sync files between my home PC, office PC and iPad. Everything is stored in the cloud too so it’s a great way to keep your files backed up automatically. Cost: 2 Gigabytes of data for free. What I use: I upgraded to 50 Gigabytes for $9.99 / month. Learn more.


Co-ordinate with your Team, Run Surveys: Google Drive

Google-DocsI’ll use Google Drive to create task lists with my team that we can both access and edit. It’s like having a shared Excel file that you can all have open at the same time. I found it much easier than programs like BaseCamp. I also use it to run surveys from my newsletter list. Cost: Free! Learn more.

Automate Your Scheduling: TimeTrade

TimeTradeTime saving tool to book meetings / calls. It syncs with your calendar to see what times you have open and lets people book it with you. It’ll also email them the day before to remind them about the appointment! Cost: free 30 day trial. What I use: I upgraded to $29.95 / year professional license. Learn more.


Go Paperless:  ScanSnap / Evernote

ScanSnapGo paperless and have all your receipts, contracts, and agreements available via full text recognition searches. Everything is synced and stored in the cloud through Evernote. Cost: Evernote gives you 60 megs / month for free. ScanSnap pricing starts at $199. What I use: Free Evernote account, portable ScanSnap S1300. I bought both after I watched this video on YouTube. Learn more about ScanSnap. Learn more about Evernote.

Save Time by Creating a Homepage Dashboard

dashboardCustomize your homepage to have all the essential resources you need to manage your business (and life). Here’s what mine looks like (full size picture here). I customize it as I discover new tools and websites. As soon as I load a web browser this page pops up and my day can begin.


Never Forget Any of Your Passwords Again: LastPass

LastPassAutomatically remembers all the passwords you have for any website. When you’re signing up for a new website it’ll generate a random, secure password (so you don’t have the same password for everything) and remember it for you as well. It also auto-logs you into sites saving you even more time. Cost: free! Learn more.

Automate Even More Admin Tasks:  Online Banking

TDBankEveryone gets paid on my team by direct deposit – we’re all at the same bank. I only write a couple of checks per year and that’s to the government. Sync with your Simply Accounting to export all your data quickly. Cost: varies depending on your bank. What I use: TD Canada Trust.


Quickly Learn About Your Contacts: Rapportive / Xobni

RapportiveUseful plugin for Gmail (Rapportive) / Outlook (Xobni) to show you information on the people who email you. Next to each email they send you, you can see their picture, tweets, Facebook updates, LinkedIn profile, and other social media accounts. It’s a quick way to learn about who they are and what they’re up to. Cost: free!


Get Desktop Reminders for Google Calendar:  Gminder

GMinderUseful if you’re making the switch from Outlook to Gmail. It’s a desktop tool that gives you pop-up reminders from your Google Calendar just like Outlook does. It’s not perfect but I don’t know if I could have made the switch without it. Cost: free! Learn more.


Productively Stay on Top of the News:  Google Reader / Instapaper / Zite

Google-ReaderSometimes keeping on top of the news can be a huge time suck for entrepreneurs. To help me stay productive and get the information I want I use: Google Reader to subscribe to key blogs I find useful, Instapaper to save interesting articles that I can read all at once later, and Zite (iPad) to discover new news that learns from my preferences. Cost: all free!


Outsource Your Tasks:  fiverr

fiverrThis is a handy website where people will list what they will do for $5. I’ve used it for both business and personal reasons (beware: you can lose half your day browsing through the funny things people will do for a few bucks). Make sure you check people’s ratings and feedback before you hire them. Cost: $5. Learn more.



Growing Your Business

filmingAs entrepreneurs we’re always looking for ways to promote and grow our businesses. Here’s a picture of me filming one of my YouTube videos from my office (full size picture here). Below are some of my favorite tools that I use to market my business. Good luck and if you have any questions just leave a comment below!

Start an Email Campaign: AWeber

The best system I’ve seen for email campaigns. Start building your list as soon as possible – it’s a great way to build relationships with customers. AWeber also tells you if your emails will get caught in people’s spam filters. Cost: get started with a $1 trial. What I use: My list is now over 50,000 members. Thanks Aweber! Learn more.


Get More Referrals: Send Out Cards

SendOutCardsAwesome way to show customers you care and get more referrals. Allows you to send greeting cards and gifts (brownies are amazing) to your top contacts anywhere in the world. He’s what one customer wrote about us after we sent him a package apologizing for an error we made. Learn more.


Get Interviewed by Reporters: PR Leads

PRLeadsReporters post the stories they’re working on and you can present yourself as an expert. You get a daily list of stories and pick the ones you want to reply to. PR Leads has gotten me into the New York Times, Forbes, and other big name publications. Cost: $99 / month. Learn more.


Stay on Top of Client News: Google News Alerts

NewsAlertsGet notified by Google anytime a specific keyword is mentioned online. I use it for my personal name, company name, top customer names, industry terms, and trends I’m tracking. It’s a great way to be the first to recognize a client for making it into the media. Cost: free! Learn more.


Get More Online Exposure: Facebook Plugins / Twitter Buttons

SocialMediaThe online world is going more social. Make it easy for people to talk about your company and spread your message by installing these plugins. I get thousands of visitors every month because of them. Cost: free! Learn more about Facebook Plugins. Learn more about Twitter Buttons.


Manage Your Social Media Accounts: HootSuite

HootSuiteWhile we’re talking about social media, the tools I use to manage my accounts is HootSuite. It lets you update and keep track of your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media accounts all in one spot – a huge time saver! Cost: free for up to 5 accounts (what I currently use). Learn More.


Create Google Sitemaps, Find Internal Broken Links: GSiteCrawler

GSiteCrawlerThe techies will love this one. It crawls through your website, creates a fresh sitemap that you can submit to Google (so they index all your pages) and tells you if you have any broken links to fix (which can hurt your SEO and the browsing experience of your visitors). I run it every month. Cost: free! Learn more.


Schedule / Space Out Your Tweets: Buffer

BufferIf you’re using Twitter and want to space out your posts so that you don’t bombard your audience all at once and then go silent check out Buffer. It allows you to set a schedule for what time of day you want your tweets to go out. You input them whenever you want and it will send them out for you automatically at the set times.  Cost: free! Learn more.


Analytics for Your Twitter Account: Crowdbooster

CrowdboosterThis site tells you what time of day people read your tweets the most (great when integrated with Buffer), which high authority people have just followed you so you can thank them, which tweets get the more views and retweets, and more. A great analytics package for your Twitter account. Cost: free! Learn more.




These are some of my other favorite tools and gadgets that didn’t fit in any of the categories above. I might use them for my business or my personal life… or both but I definitely love using them! It would be hard to go back to a world where they didn’t exist. Here’s me holding my iPad 2 (full size picture here).



I love my iPad 2. I use it to take notes, catch up on the news, read articles I’ve bookmarked, DJ salsa parties, and the list goes on. My favorite apps are Zite and Instapaper. Both have been huge time savers for me and have got me reading way more than I used to. Being a baseball fan I also love the MLB app.


Vibram-ShoesThe Vibram FiveFingers shoes are like gloves for your feet. They take a little bit of time to get used to but I now try to wear them as much as possible, weather permitting. After years of lower back and knee problems and way too many orthotics I’m now pain-free and loving it!



If I’m not walking to work then I’m on my Vespa. In a city like Toronto it’s an ideal way to get around. It’s a lot faster to get through traffic, great on gas, and you can park for free in any public parking spot. I’ll usually ride from April to December until the roads start to ice up.


teamWhat are your favorite tools to plan, launch, run, and grow your business? Do you use any of the ones that I do?

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts if you leave a comment below!

126 Responses to “My Favorite Tools”

  1. Ed says:

    Thanks for the shoutout! I really appreciate it. It’s always been a pleasure to work with you and it’s a privilege to be able to host your site!

    1. Thanks Ed (from BounceWeb) – keep up the great work!

  2. Some great tools here, most of them I have never heard of so will be spending some time going through all of them. As usual your advice is really helpful.

    Michelle Jayes

    1. Good luck Michelle – let me know if you start using any of them!

  3. GT Bulmer says:

    WOW! An amazing selection of resources! Thanks for posting these, Evan. Many entrepreneurs struggle along and don’t even know what they don’t know, lol! Your list will give many of us some great ideas for improvement in some areas we may not have been thinking about. Very helpful.

    :) GT Bulmer
    Affiliate Power Central

    1. Thanks GT – I’m happy you liked them!

  4. Darryl Dioso says:

    Great suggestions there Evan.

    As a recruiter/headhunter, DropBox rules. Seriously.

    1. Thanks Darryl – great to hear you use it too!

  5. Anand Murthy says:


    Grateful to you for compiling this tool-box. I like seeing that I’m on the right track with most of the stuff you have here; you have expanded my awareness with Rapportive & PR Leads (I’d forgotten about that :( )

    Thank you once again, for sharing – valuable post.

    Yours, in gratitude,

    PS: A couple of weeks ago, I’d sent you a personal email reg. Patents & Valuation …

    Evan, I was asked a question outside my area of expertise, and you were amongst the first who came to mind to seek advice from …

    My friend’s Dad has a patent for ban on mobile-phone use while driving and someone has shown interest in buying out the patent, and I wanted to help him with some guidance/ connections, and to obtain some kind of valuation before talking to the Buyer(s).

    Would you be able to shine some light on this; and/ or know others who might?

    Thanks, Evan.

    Yours, in gratitude,

    The patent details are at –

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Anand.

      For patents it’s really hard to valuate because it’s all about potential – there’s no revenue behind it. Your best bet would be to try to line up a few potential buyers and have them bid against each other.

  6. Evan,

    I agree with you that Google alerts are a great way to keep track of keywords for your own business as well as client news and business and industry trends.

    I also use (and recommend) the free Google Reader for a similar purpose. It’s an easy way to collect, organize, and archive information from various blogs and news sources.

    Though I don’t use it as much as Google, I also have a selection of my favorite topic feeds set up on Alltop (also free).


    1. Great ones Sheryl! I’m a big fan of Google Reader as well – check it every day!

  7. Mr. Carmichael; as always I am thankful for updating me your move in your business. I wonder if you have read my short book? I already mentioned when you have time to view the little book with different fruitful messages. Again, I like to remind you to read it, please. The title is: Parameter of Life, by Yeshi Gemaneh,published by publishamerica; it is available in different famous stores such as: Superbookshop, Barnes & Nobel and Amazon.Com. It would be a great honor and delight if you could give your endorsement.

    My appreciation is immense.

    Yeshiembet/Yeshi Gemaneh

    1. Hey Yeshi – email me a copy and I’ll see what I can do.

  8. ephraim says:

    Evan,, you’ve inspired me so much.
    You’ve made a model in the biz world..
    You are doing a lot in molding and shaping
    our perspective.
    You are my mentor,, am grateful sir.

    1. Thanks Ephraim – I’m glad I could help.

  9. Lynn Clarke says:

    Hello Evan!

    Great tools! is a great suite of on-line creative tools & especially with the new fb changes has all you’ll need to stay up to date. I also like for video publishing on landing pages so visitors stay on track:)

    1. Cool – thanks for sharing Lynn! This is the first time I’ve come across Aviary.

  10. I am sorry I am not in a position to email the whole manuscript. Please purchase one copy from the book stores mentioned above. I am sure you will enjoy reading it. It is inspirational and interesting to know different culture and life style. Trust me you will like it!

    With great respect,
    Yeshiembet/Yeshi Gemaneh

  11. Maryam says:

    Among all the posts I have read in the weblog, this is the most encouraging.
    I have been using some of the tools such as drop box and I’m going to use some of the rests.

    Wish you all the bests Evan

    Maryam Bidmeshgi pour

    1. Good luck Maryam – great to hear you’re on DropBox too!

  12. Nathan says:

    Thank you Evan, this came at the right time, when am considering leaving employment to start a business.

    1. Exciting times are ahead Nathan! Best of luck with the launch!

  13. Aarmugam says:

    Hello sir h r u. what are doing. i am doing MBA. any sugg. me sir and give detail about you.

  14. Belize Hub says:

    Thanks for sharing these tools Evan! I am always inspired by your posts!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed! Thanks for posting.

  15. Tunde says:

    Hello Evan,
    I don’t really comment on articles but I’ve gotta make an exception…’re doin a great job inspiring entrepreneurs (and potential ones). Please keep the flag flying.
    I’m 21 (writing from Nigeria) but looking to go into business. I’m an avid hip-hop fan aand I want to start a site that reviews, track news and so on, about hip-hop music. Any good idea on how I can monetize this site? Would appreciate feedback. Thanks for the useful info as always.

    1. Hey Tunde – thanks for the feedback, it means a lot!

      What’s the URL of your website?

  16. Audrey Simatwa says:

    A very interesting approach and line of thinking you have going on here.

    1. Thanks Audrey – I’m glad you enjoyed!

  17. Tunde says:

    The Site is still in its design stage and has not been launched yet: just trying to get fully equipped before it takes off? Or do you need it to be operational before profering a solution? Thanks

    1. Congrats on the new site Tunde – I don’t fully understand your question. Which specific tool are you referring to?

  18. Tunde says:

    Sorry for the ambiguity. I really just want to know if you’ve got ideas on how i can generate money from a review site, besides Adsense. I’m not asking for any tool specifically. Thanks

    1. If it’s a review site, why not monetize by having affiliate links to the products or only linking out to the ones that you believe will add a lot of value to your readers?

  19. As usual you are a blessing to the public, alot of this information I never heard of, but I will start to use. thanks.

    1. Thanks Keller – good luck!

  20. Great info keep up the good work.

  21. ichiks says:

    Hi Evan,
    Cud u plz tell me wat is the right media tools and media planning for product launching? I really need to know.

    1. You can have success with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn but each one is a time consuming process – I would start with the one that interests you the most, learn how it works, then expand. Good luck!

  22. cfagbata says:

    Thank you Evan. This is indeed helpful, as we push through this uneasy world of entrepreneurship.

    1. No problem – happy to hear you liked it!

  23. Idris says:

    I just scan through the tools Mr. Evans posted to us on line and the drop box….. God I could’nt believe it! I think I will use all the tools before the week runs out. Thank Evans and best of luck.

    1. Great to hear Idris – good luck!

  24. Tania says:

    Evan, wondering if you know of an overseas firm that specializes in admin help? we are a med size firm, and need admin help sporatically throughout the mnth and year, depending on how busy we are. (I’m in Canada)

    1. Hey Tania – I’m in Canada too (Toronto based) – I’ve had a couple of good experiences using oDesk as I mention in the post but that’s hiring individuals – I haven’t had much luck in hiring firms. I’ve tried a few and they never delivered what I want – I prefer to be able to connect right with the person who is doing the actual work and develop a working relationship with them. Good luck!

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  26. Mary Alex says:

    “Cold Calling” is a vital component in accelerating a business. I use facebook all the time to upload videos and blogs for my own. I have so many good feedbacks and closed many deals with the help of social media.

  27. Tyra Neil says:

    It’s common to most people to use facebook and twitter and I also use it a lot for my business. I get responses real time which is very important. I’m glad you had shared the tools that you’re using. Will try them all. Thanks!

  28. Donna Saunders says:

    I’m actually looking for a system for one of my email campaigns and I think I will consider using the tool AWeber. I am a believer of your every word. Thanks and best regards Evan!

  29. Bart Gregory says:

    I think I’m going to acquire one of your tools for my business particularly Evernote. Very cost efficient. Thanks for the suggestion.

  30. Mariah Tracy says:

    The tool LastPass did caught my attention. Aside from the fact that it’s free, I’m actually having a hard to remember all of my passwords. This would be a big help.

  31. Wayne Luke says:

    Thank you so much for the great tips and tools that you shared with us. This will be beneficial to our business in the future. Best regards!

  32. Melissa Smith says:

    I love your ideas especially your favorite tools. My friend next to me viewing your site also tells me that she is using the Simply accounting tool for their business and it’s terrific.

  33. Alicia Peters says:

    PR Leads sure sounds pure success. I will recommend this to my sister who is an entrepreneur as well. Fantastic idea i have gained from you. Thanks!

  34. Philip Paxton says:

    Most of the tools that you use is really amazing. It has paved my way to success towards my business. Very kind of you to let us all know your secrets.

  35. Dick Mary says:

    I’m have to say yes on going with HootSuite. This is so terrific! I’m sure I will love it.

  36. Lucy says:

    I was so relieved to know that you are actually using the same tools such as I have. Great tips for everyone here. Thank you very much!

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  38. Leo says:

    Reading your posts gives me a nother life in the business world. Many young entrepreneurs in my country like yous posts. You are doing great job, please keep it up.

    1. Thanks Leo – I’m happy it’s made an impact on you!

  39. Hermenegilda says:

    Hello Evan
    Thank you for your good tools.I will try to follow your this tools
    in my business. The challenge is how to deal with many roles and responsblities beacause i am social worker,A leader of women Group and house mother. How am i manage my time to deal with these all activities and then to be a business women?

    Thank you very much for your advice.


    1. Here’s my answer for you – I hope it helps!


  40. amutuhaire christopher says:

    Evan its realy been a great time going through these tools and they have really contributed much to my knowledge of bussiness

  41. amutuhaire christopher says:

    Evan, am a good speaker and have some expirience in leadership and bussines. i would like to share this knowledge with peoaple in my country as i develope myself but idont know where to start from so pliz can you guide me

    1. Here’s my answer for you!

      Good luck!

  42. Raameswar says:

    Hi Evan,

    I am very new to Blogging and yours is the only one I follow regularly. I am not habituated to posting an opinion. But, now I couldn’t stop myself from doing so. The very very useful and excellent compilation of this tool box can trigger innovations in many Entrepreneurs and nobody can expect the result of this Big Bang effect.

    1. Thanks Raameswar – you made my day! And good luck with the new blog!

  43. davoodghanbari says:

    hi evan i cant speak english well if i have e mistak please excuse me im very glad to know you havea good day

  44. Emmanuel Ehinola says:

    Waoh !!
    Now I know one of your secrets to Daily success ,
    This is good news from you as Always.

    Many thanks Evan.


    1. Great to hear Emmanuel – good luck!

  45. Hi Evan,

    My first blog ever. I really appreciate your generosity in sharing your professional knowledge in business marketing. I’m very positive this works in the U.S. mainland. But, from where I’m at…..Guam?….right in the middle of the pacific? What do you think.


    1. It’ll work wherever you are Ariel! The only thing holding you back is the story you tell yourself. Good luck!

  46. davood says:

    hi Evan thank u for this information it was very good for me

    1. Glad you enjoyed Davood – good luck!

  47. SonnyMatthew says:

    Sir, hope u’re doing fine today to. i’ve read a lot trust me, that u mailed me. but the case is, i want u to now be my enterpreneur model,want to know your background to this level with some success and failure stories that have push you to this higher level of enterpreneurship. thanks

  48. nea says:

    I’m still learning from you, while I’m trying to achieve my goals. I definitely love reading all that is written on your blog.Keep the posts coming. I loved it!

  49. Thank you so much for this. I have being lazy on so many fronts but
    this has pepped me up.
    I believe I am not techie but I can still be up to date now.
    Good one. I will be glad to have you as a mentor.
    Do have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Thank you Omoruyi – good luck!

  50. Hi Evan,

    Thank you very much for this collection, i will find them very usefull in the SME Mentoring Business i am developing for African Market primarily. We are about 70% ready and you will be the first to know once we are realy to go life. Your Business Plan Work Book which you shared with me was very great, i am looking for ways to market it for you in Nigeria.

    By the way, tell Tunde to call me on +2348093374232, i can help him.


  51. Danisa Moyo says:

    Hi Evan,
    Sometimes I do not know where to start from but you have been so resourceful to most of the things I do, especially when one is just beggining a new business from scratch.
    Thanks once more,

    1. Thanks for commenting Danisa – I’m glad I could help!

  52. Scott Yates says:

    I agree with your whole list with one exception: GoDaddy. That company is not only misogynistic, it’s the worst about sending spammy emails and having generally slimy business tactics. is run by a much more friendly group of people.

    And I’d add to the list one company: Blogmutt. Motto: “We work like a dog to fill up your blog!” You, Evan, do a great job of blogging, but many businesses are just too busy to write their own posts, even though they know that potential customers see their site with nothing new on it for weeks or months and wonder if the business is still operating.

    Blogmutt operates under the same basic idea as 99designs that you mentioned. You get to pick from a selection of blog posts written just for you. The price is a flat fee of $79/month and you get one blog post per week.

    We’re still in closed beta as of this writing, but if your readers are interested they can mention that they learned about Blogmutt on your blog and I’ll get them into the service right away.


  53. Great blog
    Another useful tool designed to create innovative Facebook Fan Pages is
    Good Luck!

  54. Alen says:

    thank you for sharing these tools with us. I thought I know a lot of things that can help me run my business, but obviously I was wrong :)

    Keep on doing great work!


    1. Thanks Alen – we can all learn from each other!

  55. caroline sambai says:

    I have agree with the whole explanation, but my problem is I have small amount of fund so it will be diffult for me to start a big business, so what shall I do to start a business with a small capital?

    1. Hi Caroline – what type of business are you trying to set up?

    2. Rebecca says:

      I am in the same boat as Caroline. I am frustrated because my business is ready for the next level but I am struggling to get it there because of minimal amount of capital.

      1. Hi Rebecca – expansion capital is usually the easiest money to raise – what do you need money for?

      2. Rebecca says:

        I just noticed your response back. I need money for marketing, I have a few websites I use to keep track of billing my customers, a interactive white board, etc.


        1. Hi Rebecca – what type of business do you run and how much do you need?

  56. Hi Evan

    Thanks for sharing these resources. I really appreciate that.
    I have been sending out Ezines, writing articles and have launched ebook and audio series. I also offer 1 0n 1 coaching.
    I am looking to use Odesk. I am looking for some one who has experience working with Online business owners like me. I don’t have voluminous task in each category like article submission/promoting in Social networking/sending ezine to hire one person for each category. However I am looking for someone who has knowledge handling all of the above, with whom I should be able to work.
    1. Under what category, should I search?
    2. can you recommend a couple of persons from Odesk? I am OK with Phillipines resident also.

    1. Hi Lalitha – I’ll create a video reply for you!

  57. Thanks Evan. I would appreciate that. Can you email me after it is uploaded. I am one of Gold member.

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    1. Thanks Carleen – you made my day!

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    1. Happy to help – thanks for sharing Gabriel!

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    Thank you

    1. Hi Richard – is it just you and one employee at a time?

  61. Wow Evan! That list was awesome. I’m def going use a few of these for my startup. Keep spreading the work / life hacks. LOVE IT!

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    1. Thanks Renée – I’m glad you like it and appreciate the time you took to write the comment :)

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    Great list Evan!

    If anyone is working on several projects, I’d add Basecamp.
    And for those who do sales or need to be in touch with many people at the same time, checkout Highrise.

    1. Thanks for sharing Artur!

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    As a small business owner myself and user of odesk it was refreshing to have other sites of quality introduced to me in a coherent, useful format.
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    1. Thanks for commenting Jake – it means a lot. And good luck!

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    1. Glad I could help Ali – good luck!

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    Thanks for the tools , would you give me a link if possible

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    1. Hi Lionel – I try to keep this page updated with my favourite tools so this is the best page to go to :)

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