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Dear success-minded entrepreneur,

Most entrepreneurs fail and never get their companies to the point where they can make a full time living from their dream business.

I want to see you succeed and creating a business plan that works is the first step you need to take.

I've decided to put together an eCourse on How to Write a Business Plan to share with you some of the mistakes most people make and what I've learned by modeling some of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time, running my own companies, and being a venture capitalist where I rejected 99% of the business plans I saw.

I am hoping that if you follow the step by step path I'm going to lay out for you that you will become a successful entrepreneur and might consider some of my products or at least coming back to my website as a resource to help you continue to grow your business.

So here you go!

Get started today and you'll be on your way to creating an effective business plan and a highly successful company!

Here is what you'll learn:

  • Day 1: The 7 Reasons Why You Need a Business Plan

  • Day 2: The 6 Steps to Get Your Business Plan Started

  • Day 3: The 8 Sections of Writing Your Business Plan

  • Day 4: The 8 Common Business Plan Mistakes You Want to Avoid

  • Day 5: The 3 Pointers to Effectively Keep Your Business Plan Updated

  • Day 6: The 5 Reasons Why Investors Will Reject Your Business Plan

  • Day 7: The Worst Executive Summary I Have Ever Read

Every day you'll receive a new email with information others would charge money for and it's 100% FREE for you!

Good luck and enjoy the ride!

Evan Carmichael

PS. Make sure to get all the way to Day 7 to see the worst executive summary that I've ever read. The lessons from that email alone could save your company from certain failure!