Why it is essential to renew your SSL certificate before it expired?

SSL Certificates help tracing internet safer by providing encryption of data flowing through the Internet. SSL certificate is generally used in e-commerce which gathers personal information. While routing a web page, your browser pass warning massage “the site’s security certificate has expired”. If you are a website owner, expired certificates can be easily fixed through the timely renewals.

SSL Certificates are available for a certain period that is maximum 4 years. However,

  • Somehow, many organizations and corporate forget to renew SSL certificates periodically.
  • They take SSL certificate lightly while others do not give importance to renewal of certificate.
  • SSL provider regularly sends email notifications but users avoid them.
It brings a loss of a business and customer’s trust in a long run. Visitors general move away from such websites that do not carry SSL certificate. Because it is a question of customer’s valuable information like login id, password, credit card number, etc. Your business could be a victim of online attacks in the absence of an unexpired certificate. Due to expired SSL security, you will lose your future business, credibility, business ranking. In this topic, a recent case relating to Microsoft’s Azure Service is observed.

Why it is important?

Now, you have understood people that just buying SSL certificate is not a great deal, but it has to be renewed timely to avoid such disasters. Below I would like to suggest some benefits of renewing SSL certificate at a proper time.

  • Get rid of vulnerability
  • Consistent authenticity of your website
  • Remain visitor’s trust in your business
  • Get ahead in competition
  • Show your customers that you take care of them
  • Attract more visitors by valid certificate
On Friday, February 22, 2013 - Microsoft’s Azure Service is found vulnerable with an expired certificate. The company with a storage service experienced a huge impact on secure(S) operations. Window Azure is a cloud-computing platform that builds, deploy and manage application and service and it offers PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Microsoft also said in its report that Xbox Music and Video service are also affected therefore, people cannot browse, download, or purchase stuffs at Xbox Music and Video store.

"Further updates will be published to keep you apprised of the situation. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes our customers," the Microsoft said.

Renewal Period:Generally, when you purchase SSL certificate you will get a notification of Renew SSL at the following intervals before expiry of 90 days, 60 days, 30 days, 7 days and on the same day of expiry. If you renew your certificate on earlier basis from ClickSSL, You will get following benefit on earlier renewals:
  • Renew plus or minus 15 days before Expiration and you will get 1 Additional Renewal Month
  • Renew 16 to 45 days before Expiration and you will get 2 Additional Renewal Months
  • Renew 46 to 90 days before Expiration and you will get 3 Additional Renewal Month
Note: These offers only applicable on renewals from ClickSSL

From the above reference of Microsoft Azure service, it is clear and logical that every organization, corporate, institutions, or individual must renew their SSL certificate at an appropriate time. ClickSSL offers you a timely reminder about your certificate status to avoid termination of certificate. We carry equal importance for all our clients, and therefore, to save them from expired certificate and painful events, we bring you timely reminder for your SSL Certificate.


Abel Wike is web content manager at ClickSSL.com, focusing on various types of security solutions like fraud prevention, risk management, data protection, ethical hacking, Internet assessment and identity protection.

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